Why Is Ace Attorney So Good?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, is the fantastic text adventure series made by Capcom. With the celebration of the series being 10 years, Capcom had announced Ace Attorney 5. Being a huge fan of the excellent series, I would like to look over the reasons why I love Ace Attorney.

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Cablephish2173d ago

Before I played this game, I thought it would be lame...

Until I played it... My life was never the same again...

Epic series to say the least. :D

Leon_O_Quinn2172d ago

Its always awesome to meet another fan! Thanks for the comment :)

Smashbro292172d ago

The writing. That's seriously all a game like this needs.

Hicken2172d ago

I don't even question it. The series is awesome. I have to get another DS so I can play them all again.

Leon_O_Quinn2170d ago

Its always good to hear from fans :)