SFX-360's Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Xbox 360) Review

Andrew writes:

"When I think of Final Fantasy I think of past games I used to play such as the originals from the SNES days. Who doesn't remember Final Fantasy Mystic Quest or even, the best in my opinion, Final Fantasy 3? I know it's been a long time since I've played a Final Fantasy game but what can I say better now than never to catch up on a great series. Square Enix has now released Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it's the second part to Final Fantasy XIII in which we've been left at the end of the game when Cocoon was saved from falling out of the sky.

Here is my Final Fantasy XIII-2 review on the Xbox 360. Will this game be a hit like the last one or will it be another Final Fantasy that collects dust? Find out here as I review the game."

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