The new Medal of Honor will be unveiled at GDC 2012

The return of Tier 1.

Electronic Arts has announced that the press officers at the Game Development Conference 2012 will be unveiled the newest game in the Medal of Honor.

While many now cite as the Medal of Honor 2, the announcement that ticket will publish below Article suggests instead a subtitle that will be used to diversify ilnuovo share compared to previous ones, because a true second chapter has already been published some years ago, while this is a relaunch of the series by Danger Close with the support of DICE.

After our greedy anticipation that you can read in this article , the wait is catalyzed throughout the event to show that EA has announced the title. Being an event dedicated to developers and their programming techniques, it is likely that it will also unveiled the new Frostbite 2.5, admired the evolution of Battlefield 3.

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GasTankKiller2355d ago

I hope whatever they are doing with this MoH is better then the first one. Don't get me wrong the first one wasn't that bad. I just hope they really put sometime in to this one and make it a lot better.

a_bro2355d ago

no unreal engine plox, kthx....

IM_KINECTED2355d ago

I really enjoyed the campaign in the first one, I thought it was really well done, but the online felt far different then the campaign. It was more like a Bad Company game. I was a bit thrown off because you could go prone in the campaign, but not in the online.

I still had fun with it, bought the game when it was on sale for like $10 and had some good times with it.

wenaldy2355d ago

I just want the original Jimmy Patterson back, kicking bunch of Nazis with lone wolf-style with addition great soundtrack of Michael Giacchino. *sigh*

brettyd2355d ago

I really hope Danger Close does both parts of the game. The single player gameplay/sound/and art style were a lot better than the multiplayer done by Dice. Dice ruined that game IMO.

Biohazard88602355d ago

Well guess no black 2 reveal : /

Hdz542355d ago

Wasn't Bodycount supposed to be the "spiritual successor" of Black?

Biohazard88602355d ago

Yea pretty much but played the demo did not feel it one bit So 1 day hoping 4 black 2.

Disccordia2354d ago

I think criterion are too busy with burnout and nfs atm

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