Dark Souls gets big price drop from multiple retailers

The recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 role-playing game, Dark Souls, has gotten a big price drop from multiple retailers including Amazon.

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BI0RAPTOR2354d ago

I payed 36.99 for my copy of DkS Limited Edition,this was around 4 days after the launch day.
To be honest prices on games do and will come down after a period of time,although by no means does this relate to how good or bad a game is.....

guitarded772354d ago

True... I got mine for $30 new and it was before Black Friday.

spektical2354d ago

awesome game.. hoping for some dlc

h311rais3r2354d ago

Good. Now pc version please

gillri2354d ago

naaaah casual PC'ers couldnt take this game, first thing you would do is bring the console up and quicksave!!

hardcore difficulty players only

shotgunshine2354d ago

Anyone that hasen't picked this game up thats thinking about it should defintiely get it. My favorite game of 2011....really, one of my favorite games, period.

josephayal2354d ago

Got mine for $12.99 btw is a great game

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