Microsoft, Rare & Lionhead collaborate on contest

Microsoft Research Cambridge, in collaboration with Microsoft XNA, Rare Ltd., and Lionhead Studios are organising an international contest named "Silicon Minds".

The contest challenges developers to invent and build a new game on the theme of artificial intelligence for Windows XP, Windows Vista or the Xbox 360 using XNA Games Studio 2.0.

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MK_Red3807d ago

After seeing that Schizoid game (which I heard was a XNA game) I became really interested in the whole XNA thing.

Nameless3807d ago

If Microsoft & Rare want to collaborate then they should be doing everything they can to bring Goldeneye & Perfect Dark 64 to XBOX 360 Live Arcade.

predator3807d ago

haha nice 1, but killer instinct is the one i want.

Xi3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

lets see what these minds can do.

Lion head is still credited with the most advanced ai in a game from black and white, and they had the highest amount of branching instructions. And the first to introduce emergent behavior in games.

Seeing what all 3 combined can do, we may just see a shift in AI.