The movies based on games that every gamer dreams of!

Whenever a movie based on a game is announced, we, gamers, we are on the back foot. After all, could not be otherwise, since many adaptations are terrible and very different from the artistic wonders we find in games. Games like Doom, Resident Evil and Max Payne even end up being portrayed in a very different way that fans expected, causing the disappointment of all.

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Pintheshadows2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Escape from New York.

*Misread title* *Collects belongings* *Leaves*.

ATi_Elite2323d ago

1. Half Life 2 (only if done by the Purchase Brothers)
3. Zelda
4. God of War
5. Uncharted

The Purchase Brothers have done a few HL2 shorts and they have the HL2 feel and universe 150% right. I just do not understand why Hollywood hasn't given the P Bros. $70 million and a Studio and let them make GOLD.

part 1

part 2 embeded

dorron2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

God Of War - Agreed, but director should have been Peter Jackson
Dark Souls - Totally agreed
Dead Space - This one is made for Ridley Scott for sure!
GTA - Dind't think about it, but yeah, Guy Ritchie fits it perfectly.
Uncharted - I think of Indiana Jones and I get two feelings...Old style Indiana, ok...last movie Indiana, crap. Steven Spielberg has lost direction IMO.
Metal Gear Solid - Can't think about a director for this one, so, yeah, Hideo could try to do it.

The other movies I don't care about...