Half-Life 3 Protest Fails to Reach Goal

PC Gamespy: Remember that big Half-Life 2: Episode Three protest that was supposed to take place last weekend? Well, it sort of, uh, didn't. I mean, it occurred, technically speaking, but didn't exactly manage to make the megaton splash its organizers were hoping for.

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Snookies122233d ago

I would have joined, but didn't hear about it until after it had already happened. :\

They didn't do a great job of promoting it lol.

DarkSymbiote2233d ago

Not surprising considering so many gamers lack a backbone. One of the reasons why publishers rip us off with DLC and people just ****ing watch.

ThichQuangDuck2233d ago

When did Half-Life fans just go absolutely crazy in hype. The game will come out when they announce it they will not rush whatever they are doing because a bunch of people are playing a great game. People complain about new ips and valve has made 5 games with free DLC and fans still crave for more. Maybe I just do not understand I loved Half Life 2 but am patient so it doesn't disappoint like rushed games cough halo 3 cough. I want sequels of games that may not happen like timesplitters, war of the monsters, freedom fighters, Last guardian(taking forever). You guys know Half Life 3 is coming and there is plenty of games out chill out

Harelgur2233d ago

Dude, the game was announced back in 2007, before Episode Two was even released.
Also, they said that that all of the episodes will come out after short periods of time (6 month).

Now their saying they ditched the idea of the episodes, okay, but they should reveal something, say their working on it, something...
Theyve been silent for almost 5 years.

ThichQuangDuck2232d ago

I understand what you mean but they have come out with great games like Portal and L4D in between. I have been waiting for freedom fighters 2 which was announced 8 years ago, yes 8 years ago Whenever they are asked about it they say no comment still and in between has come out with the Kane and Lynch games, hitman blood money (good) and now hitman absolution(mainstream mess). Half Life 3 will definitely come out you know it will be shown at E3 if not than I will join you with your pitchforks. Be happy for what valve has given you

Bakkies2233d ago

I think this must be the dumbest protest in recent history. It's like a child who wants to open his X-mas presents early, then starts to whine about it.

Wouldn't it be more exciting if they, out of the blue, showed it at E3 or wherever. It will probably steal the show and be the talk of the gaming industry.

Now what this protest is demanding is that Valve say: "We've been working on this for a while, we wanted to have a grand reveal for it, but shit, here is the footage at the start of February".

If people are getting anxious after 5 years of waiting, then it's time to move on and think about something else. I think a little faith in Valve wouldn't hurt.

Series_IIa2233d ago

I'm waiting for a revision to the Source Engine... Portal 2 was more than evident of its age with loading popping up every 5 mins

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