Remembering: When Microsoft Was Good at Marketing

4Player - "Microsoft’s relationship with marketing has generally been a sour one as of late. Perhaps it all came to a head with the blitz of Kinect marketing which centered on Nuclear Families in bad clothes playing kids games in mansion sized living rooms, but it’s never been limited to just this. For the past five years or so the company has had more difficulty than most capturing that lighting in a bottle, and crafting a marketing campaign that was able to capture the hearts and minds of gamers and technological enthusiasts the world over."

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cstyle2323d ago

Ms is still good at marketing. Much better than sony or Nintendo.

Pumbli2323d ago

Sort of true, yet although MS is a marketing powerhouse they'll never manage to beat the greatness of Kevin Butler.

InTheLab2322d ago

Agreed. Every store that sells consoles feature Xbox instead of the other two. Best Buy has been advertising Kinect/360 bundle for 3 months straight.

I watch a ton of Dinsney with my kids. Wall to wall Kinect adds and the occasional Wii add.

m232322d ago

The millions and millions of Kinects and 360s says otherwise. The whole point of marketing is to get your product sold, they have succeeded at that without a doubt. What does the author think marketing means, making good TV commercials?