All Mass Effect 3 Achievements can be completed in singleplayer

Over the years of this current generation of consoles almost all games have come with their achievement/trophy list and almost all of them with a "multiplayer" feature require achievements/trophies in them. Finally ME3 will give the players the option to be able to obtain ALL trophies in single player mode if they do not prefer to spend too much time in Multiplayer, or vice versa. There was nothing worse than needing one more achievement in multiplayer when the games servers would die and because near impossible to complete.

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FrightfulActions2350d ago

Couldn't agree more with this, I hate not being able to 100% a game simply because some are multiplayer. Just because I like a game doesn't mean I like the multiplayer. I've always felt that games with long lists of singleplayer and multiplayer achievements should have some method that separates the gamemode-essential trophies so that it counts singleplayer and multiplayer differently.

Anyway, glad I read this. When the achievement list for ME3 was first leaked, I was avoiding it like fire because of major spoilers, but I was very curious to see if it had any achievements that would be impossible to obtain with just singleplayer. This article gave the info I wanted without showing off a huge list of spoilers and the like. Appreciate that. :)

vickers5002350d ago

"Just because I like a game doesn't mean I like the multiplayer."

The same can be said for singleplayer in games like Call Of Duty and Battlefield.

For the most part, I think it's pretty fair. The developers put a lot of work into crafting a game with sp and multi, or even sp only/mp only, and it's not unfair of them to ask you to fully explore the whole game and not just a section of it in order to unlock all the trophies.

Though they need to make the multiplayer trophies a bit more reasonable. 10,000 multiplayer kills? F*ck that, ESPECIALLY when you've bought the game years after it's came out and there's barely anyone playing.

colonel1792350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

There should be TWO lists of trophies for that kind of games. Just like they separate de DLC ones.

It would allow developers to put more trophies for both, and both kinds of gamers would be happy. is A WIN WIN...

It could even allow for two platinums in a game if possible.. (or if the lists are more than a few trophies and are difficult to get)

FrightfulActions2349d ago

I don't feel that multiplayer has reached the point where it's the majority in the gamer world, and singleplayer is the minority. Games like COD, BF3, sure, lets face it, if you buy those there's a good chance you won't even play the singleplayer - they're multiplayer games kinda by default.

A multiplayer-focused game with multiplayer trophies makes sense. But for the majority of games, multiplayer is a extra feature that isn't meant to outshine the singleplayer experience. These games, where the focus is more heavily placed on singleplayer, shouldn't have trophies that require you to play multiplayer - or anything else that requires a internet connection really.

Like Colonel179 said though, if they could separate them like they do DLC-based trophies, it'd be a win-win for everyone. Though even DLC could used a bit more separation from the main achievements. Call me shallow but I hate that I don't have a nice 100 percent bar in Fallout just because I don't have all the dlc packs. I platinum'd the main disc version of the game, why must those dlc's hack away at my 100 percent? Would adding a separate "[GameName] [DLC Name] DLC:" section for those achievements, with its own individual percentage bar, be really too unreasonable to ask for? /rant

UltimateIdiot9112350d ago

Thank you. I hate those multiplayer achievements especially those rank based achievements.