Winter Isn't Coming: Why I Don't Believe Skyrim Is Cold

GR - "The honeymoon is finally over. I still love Skyrim. I still want to spend the rest of my days playing it. But, finally, after more than 110 hours in a single playthrough, I’ve found something negative that I just can’t stay quiet about. No, it isn’t about the combat or the glitches or the unlimited dragons or any of those typical, boring, insignificant things others have complained about. I looked past all that; none of it bothered me. "

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Bigpappy2323d ago

That is way I would call a ligit criticism of Skyrim. It should half your stamina in the really harshly cold area.

Kal8532322d ago

Great idea. The author makes an excellent point. There's so many different ways they could have shown everyone dealing with the cold. It's surprising they overlooked the issue.

1nsaint2322d ago

I wished water would freeze over if hit by ice spells