Editorial: Should PSN Games Have Mandatory Demos?

A little insight behind demos on PSN, including quotes from a few developers.

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Half-Mafia2175d ago

I would love if every PSN games had a demo. Also would like every Vita games to have a demo, or a 60min time limit.

But the one thing I want Sony to push is have screenshots or Video for every game. Puddle just came out, I had no idea what this game was. I had to go look it up on my Mac.

PirateThom2175d ago

I see no reason why developers can't, at least, knock together a short trailer or a few screenshots... I mean, the store has the option for pressing Square to give a preview, why not use it?

Dlacy13g2175d ago

developers and publisher can put out a demo but they are charged by Sony to do so.

Godmars2902175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Not every game needs demos, but as Thom says streaming trailers on PSN/SEN - whatever - should be mandatory.

banjadude2175d ago

Yeah, that would be a nice feature actually. They already have said feature for Themes/Wallpapers, so...

GraveLord2175d ago

60 minute demo for a PSN game? Wow.
That's way too much time.

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CynicalVision2175d ago

What's PSN? I only know SEN.


Reborn2175d ago

It would help sales a lot, possibly. Also would help them identify problems faster, and get them fixed.

lorianguy2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Well I buy a lot of PSN (SEN) games based on my experience with the demo.

So they shouldn't be compulsory, but they should all have one for the sake of business.

Like a Chinese take-away should have free prawn-crackers with an order to help business, but theres no obligation for them to.

TronEOL2175d ago

Yes a millions times over. Demos, videos and screenshots should be mandatory on services like the PSN. Steam & the Xbox Live marketplace do it. Even PSN Japan does it (although they also seem to be able to change their PSN ID as well).

Sony needs to step their game up on this. Maybe the SEN name change will be the first step in the right direction.

CynicalVision2175d ago

'although they also seem to be able to change their PSN ID as well'

For the last time, Japanese users can't change their username, it's a nickname feature and it's a local change only...meaning nobody on their friends list or anyone they play online with can even see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.