SFX-360's Soul Calibur V (PS3) Review

Rose writes:

"Seventeen years has pasted since the events of Soul Calibur 4, leaving a lot of be answered due to the multiple endings for the cast of the game. Some resolved their issues, some forged their own path, and some were left open ended, allowing the fans to craft whatever little stories they want. Now, with SC5, everything shifts, and a lot has happened between the two.

As someone who started the series back at the very beginning with Soul Edge, I had grown attached to the world that was in the Soul games quickly, picking favorites and watching them evolve. A young seventeen year old Siegfried has changed drastically, the talented Taki is now a teacher, and only a small number of the original crew remain. I, personally, was satisfied with the ending of 4 but upon hearing another titled being released, I was skeptical. Slowly I was drawn in by the trailers and the screenshots, seeing my favorites reappear and seeing new faces as the successors of others. I thought it would be grand.

I was wrong…"

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