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Submitted by ElMatador 1466d ago | opinion piece

Another Sign The Playstation Vita Needs a Lower Price?

GamingSurvival - With the Playstation Vita placing first in's list of the 'Most Wished For' items, it has become clear that Sony needs to lower the price of either their latest handheld or its proprietary memory. (, PS Vita, Sony)

zeal0us  +   1466d ago
Didn't know an item being on a wish list=needs a lower price.
360GamerFG  +   1466d ago
Number One on wishlist but not Number One on buylist. This article is saying SONY is sitting on a potential gold mine, all they have to do is price it right. At least include a memory card and drop the prices of memory cards.
The Vita parts costs $160, shipping and assembly probably bring that up to $210 maybe, but nowhere near the loss that people were claiming SONY is making per Vita sold.
@below. Yeah no hey
The reports say $159
@below, thanx for editing your original comment of
Waddy101 + 0m ago Actually it's $190 for the parts.
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Waddy101  +   1466d ago
They are still making a loss on each Vita sold and probably will be for the first 3 or so years because of the money they put into R & D for the device (which a lot of people seem to forget about). Also people weren't claiming that they were making a loss, Sony said it themselves.

Why the Disagrees when it's true?

Edit: @above Yes i do realise that, i made a mistake. The rest of my comment is still valid.
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MAJ0R  +   1466d ago
it could be that, or their waiting 6 months - a year to get the second, third, maybe even forth version of it. At least that's what I'm doing, still haven't and probably won't for a long time buy the 3DS.
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Parapraxis  +   1466d ago
This is Sony, not apple.
"waiting 6 months - a year to get the second, third, maybe even forth version of it."
3 years before the PSP was redesigned
6 years before PS1 re-design
4 years before PS2 re-design
3 years before PS3 re-design
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KevPC  +   1466d ago
3DS parts are like half of vita's yet it still sold at same price as vita until the $70 price drop
--Onilink--  +   1466d ago
mmm Parapraxis im not sure if you knew, but there are at least like 5 hardware revisions to the PSP that i can think even if they waited 3 years, it also means we got those 5 in a period of also like 3 years...chances are we will get some revision soon, especially with that abysmal battery life handhelds now have..
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Akiba96  +   1466d ago

How much did they actually put into the R&D?
I mean, it only took me about 30 thousnd GMP to develop the Sony Walkman in Peace Walker...

Silly boy, you don't understand how stuff works :P
FutureTechnologies  +   1466d ago
@ Waddy101

Sony is making a profit of the Vita, they even said it them selfs when it was fist announced, but the fanboys couldn't handle that so they compared it to the PS3 (which is being sold at a loss) and then they jumped on assumptions...since then the internet still believe that Sony is selling the PS at a loss.


It's cost 160$ to manufacture, but the shipping price for these things are extremely low since they ship on a huge scale, and the employment is also very low...Foxcoon emplyees don't make a fortune (300$ a month at full time).
(If you don't believe me check the link below)
GodHandDee  +   1465d ago
It won't be a gold mine if they start taking a huge loss on every psv due to a price cut, that's commercial suicide. Sony should be smart about this and just focus on bringing the games (and they have done a good job so far) and in another year or so they can consider a price cut.
Navick  +   1465d ago
@ FinancialGamer

Not sure why everyone is saying the parts cost $160/$190 when these sites are just estimating the costs (Josytiq: PlayStation Vita cost estimated at $160 in report). Please list a complete an exact list of each and every component within the Vita... Also I'm not sure if you are aware but they have included a free memory card for early adopters.
admiralvic  +   1465d ago
First off the author is an idiot. How the Shaqing hell does "Now costing double that of the Nintendo 3DS, Sony had on their hands an over-priced, high-powered typical Sony device." stand to any logic? Hell even a paragraph earlier it was a fair price because the 3DS was the same price. Additionally the author is wrong on several facts.

There is not a complete lack of marketing... There are TONS of taco bell ad's supporting the Vita and I dont recall any 3DS commercials prior to it's release.
It is not the wifi and 3g versions, but just the 3g version.

Additionally people need to take a psychology class. With so many people rooting, "proving", screaming or claiming that the Vita will fail that many people are TOO WORRIED to have a 250+ dollar useless system in their life.
Neo Nugget  +   1466d ago
Items being on a wish list -> people needing to start working overtime ;)
LOGICWINS  +   1466d ago
"Items being on a wish list -> people needing to start working overtime ;)"

And where did that b.s. Ken Kutaragi "work more hours" mentality get Sony with the PS3? They had to drop the PS3s price TWICE in a one year period.

If that elitist state of mind didn't work with the PS3, why would it work with the Vita?
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RockmanII7  +   1466d ago
I think he's just joking.
Why o why  +   1466d ago
~~sarcasm and humour detector defective~~.. ~~LogicWins please report to the tech department to have your filter reset. Thank You, Goodbye!~~

talk about searching for a reason to have a pop

Your general negativity towards sony and lack of logic draws me to you;)....

The evidence is right under your nose. Why you refuse to see it is a mystery.
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LOGICWINS  +   1466d ago
^^LOL, weird obsession you have with me.
specialguest  +   1466d ago
Suddenly by a strange twist of fate...
Why o Why and LOGICWINS gazed blissfully into each others eyes and started to make out.

*dun dun daaaaaaa!!!*

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gamingdroid  +   1466d ago

I do agree with you on the BS from Ken. He really screwed up Sony and cost them big this generation from both brand and economic losses.

That said, I don't think the PS Vita is as doomed as people make it to be, but I think Sony's attitude might.

Nintendo screwed up and quickly rectified it. Is Sony going to respond as quickly? Sony's financial situation isn't helping, but I have seen promotional bundles, which is a little unusual for a high demand item, so it seems Sony at least is responding to some degree.

Then again, when Kinect was released everybody thought $150 was too much. At 18 million units sold later, MS hasn't officially dropped the price yet (albeit they did have some promo's).
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1466d ago

the reason why he is generally negative toward sony is because the majority of n4g is pro sony. Its the same reason why he wont ever down talk CoD/Activision; Majority of N4G is against CoD/Activision.

He doesn't use 'logic' at all. He just seeks out articles that he thinks will get tons of degrees and makes a comment that goes against the popular opinion on N4G.

When it's all said and done the vita will not drop in price this year. I don't see it happening unless the vita's week one sales is less than japan's and I don't see that happening.

I actually think the Vita will sell around 500,000 copies week one. If it happens remember you saw it here first.
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GodHandDee  +   1465d ago
@logicwins: humorloss
solidjun5  +   1463d ago
"The evidence is right under your nose. Why you refuse to see it is a mystery. "
I stopped trying to figure that one out. Of course he'll claim people have an obsession with him. His stock response.
metsgaming  +   1466d ago
its in most wished for in video game section not overall. If so someone tell me how to find overall wished for because they only do it by catagory.

Just dance is number two do you really think thats to expensive for people to buy that they have to "wish" for it?????
Colwyn  +   1466d ago
Another sign that nissan gtr needs to lower its price.

With the nissan gtr placing first in Road and track list of the 'Most Wished For' car, it has become clear that nissan needs to lower the price of either their latest super car or the nissan 370gt
Rainstorm81  +   1466d ago
To me its more like this article is a sign that gaming jornalism is dying.

People need to stop trying to put the Vita in the 3DS situation. Its like says consoles are cheap so, Gaming PCs need a price drop

Being on a wish list only speaks to popularity nothing more
farhad2k8  +   1466d ago
Honestly, if you can't afford a VITA + FREE 8GB MC + FREE GAME all for £234, then I don't know what you're doing with your life. The RRP is £230.

I mean, it's only expensive in the eyes of the haters. Yes, it's near the PS3's price, BUT, it's a LAUNCH CONSOLE? What do you expect?! Remember how expensive the PS3, 360 and Wii were during launch?
Remember how expensive the 3DS was during launch?!! LOL

But really, for that tech, I would be willing to pay more than £400! Look at how much iPhones and iPads are priced at!

This article is the most positive thing I've heard about the VITA this month! I mean, top of the wishlist? That's a good thing! Not a bad thing!
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moparful99  +   1465d ago
It makes me laugh because I placed my pre-order at the begining of january and I just put a little bit down every week and now its nearly paid off with two games.. the People griping about price are the very people who probably had no intentions of buying it to begin with...
JoeReno  +   1465d ago
Artical should read "how to spin a + into a -"

Its sales ranks on Amazon are quite positive. Not just "make a wish" basket
lilbrat23  +   1465d ago
I do think the memory cards need to be lower not the system. Or at least include a memory card with all systems.
PamPoovey  +   1466d ago
I don't get these articles, when the price was announced at E3 people were jumping for joy.....

This is just because the 3DS got a price cut......want to know why, because of the PSV.
Nakiro  +   1466d ago
Pretty much.
Also, the software was weak at launch.

Vita doesn't have that problem.
LOGICWINS  +   1466d ago
Sony loyalists HANDPICKED by Sony to attend their E3 conference don't represent gamers as a whole. If the general populace of gamers had the same mentality as the people at E3..they why is the Vita #1 on Amazon's WISHlist instead of #1 on their BUYlist?

The evidence is right under your nose. Why you refuse to see it is a mystery.
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Adva  +   1466d ago
He's talking about people, not those @ E3 in person.
PamPoovey  +   1466d ago
Yeah what Adva said

Especialy the comments on here, IGN, Eurogamer

Hardly anyone said

"Oh the price is too high"


"The evidence is right under your nose. Why you refuse to see it is a mystery. "

You can talk, I've seen a few posts when your in an argument with someone on here and there actually in the right you still continue to go on like there the one in the wrong....even though the evidence is right under your nose.
#2.2.2 (Edited 1466d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(2) | Report
Rainstorm81  +   1466d ago
Really so everyone in the crowd was Sony loyalists??

So why the boos when they announced the 3g partnership with AT&T...funny thing is game devs and and people like cliffy b was in the crown too....Yep soo many Sony loyalists.

FYI most of the same people attend each of the conferences
MmaFan-Qc  +   1466d ago
"Sony loyalists HANDPICKED?"

really? dont tell me you forgot to put your tinfoil hat today.

Logic Fail with your post.

oh, what about the bribes MS gave to the HANDPICKED loyal fans?

...and what about the nice and warm reaction the sony loyalists had with the AT&T 3g announcement? ....must be probably be someone from microsoft who hacked the sound input to add the "boooooooos" while the real loyalist was simply jizzing in their pants and rubbing their nipples.

LOGIC YOU SAID? ironic name...sir.
cervantes99  +   1466d ago
WOW! Comments like this make me worry about our education system.
BillytheAlien  +   1466d ago
**even though the evidence is right under your nose.**

Hitting his line right back at him Pam

MasterCornholio  +   1466d ago
So your claiming that Sony's press event was filled with handpicked Sony fanboys.

Are you seriously that stupid? All you do is bash Sony and make retarded conspiracy theorys like this. You have proven to N4G many times that your just an anti Sony troll and that you hate video games.

#2.2.7 (Edited 1466d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
Reborn  +   1466d ago
You always have to ruin topics, with such nonsense. Trying to capitalize on bent logic.

Clearly, they weren't all hand-picked, but by your 'logic' they were, yes?

LOGICWINS  +   1466d ago
"You always have to ruin topics, with such nonsense."
moparful99  +   1465d ago
Be careful logic you are slowly but surely showing the world where your loyalty lies and its not with sony... That 6 letter word that starts with F is begining to apply...
solidjun5  +   1463d ago
awww no logic to back up his claim so he plays a clip of a cartoon character playing a violin. Awww...can't come up with an articulated response. So typical for someone so devoid of what he claim he has...logic.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1466d ago
some peoples simply need to find a way to say negative things.

just listen the angry crowd reaction to the ridiculous high price of the Ps Vita

they even almost caused a riot and almost had to cancel next E3s because of the outrage......
360GamerFG  +   1466d ago
Because it wasn't selling as well as they'd hoped and good business sense dictates that if a strategy is simply not working you have to change it. It isn't rocket science.
smashcrashbash  +   1466d ago
Yeah, I don't understand the sudden attack on the price. People were saying 400-500 dollars, Sony said $250. Now suddenly people want them to lower the price.I don't know what is with the sudden hatred towards it.

What happened to 'I'll only buy it if it is under $300.00?' What happened to twin joysticks, big launch line up, OLED screen, powerful hardware,varying pricing for games, able to play PSN, PS1, PSP and PS3 games.

At what point in time did it become about nitpicking every tiny detail? Where did the comparison to tablets and phones come from? Do you think that if you put enough pressure on Sony that they will give it to you the VITA for peanuts? Is that what all this BS is all about? The VITA seems to me like a cool piece of hardware with great games that has a few cons like any other device. Why is it that people keep saying what it isn't rather then what it is?
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Waddy101  +   1466d ago
It annoys me when articles like this claim the PS Vita is overpriced just because it costs more than the 3DS.
It's not overpriced, it's expensive because of the hardware. I don't get why some people don't seem to understand that.
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Nakiro  +   1466d ago
Price won't drop, get over it. Doesn't matter if there's 10 or 20 articles about it.

This is not the same case as with 3DS.
Half-Mafia  +   1466d ago
A quick look on Best sellers have the 3G at No.24. Wifi at No.25. The PS3 is No.23

On The 8gb card is No.1. Wifi No.4 and 3G at No.80

Im very surprised the 3DS is not in the top 100 on and is at No.92 at
Acquiescence  +   1466d ago
Amazon US needs a bundle offer like the UK counterpart is getting...
People are flocking to buy one judging by the bestsellers chart, because you get a free memory card and a selected game for £15: it's a terrific deal and persuading a lot of folks to invest in the console day one. Seriously, Amazon US should get their thumbs out of their butts and offer some similar.
claterz  +   1466d ago
that deal is what made me cancel my GAME pre-order. Managed to get 3G with Rayman origins, memory card, case and Wipeout for under £200. Lots of people I've spoken to have gone for this deal even after complaining about the price.

Although the UK doesn't have the first edition bundle to get Vita one week early which is a bit crap :(
Waddy101  +   1466d ago
@Claterz How did you manage to get all that for £200 when the console itself is £269 (3G version)?
claterz  +   1465d ago
Haha my mistake, under £300 :)
josephayal  +   1466d ago
$250 is a nice price
TooTall19  +   1466d ago
The Vita is not overpriced in the US. Not to long ago Nintendo released a portable for the same price, and that only plays N64 quality games.

I want to know what games can we get from the PSN free game voucher. It will determine if I can get a 3G version or not.
rexbolt  +   1465d ago
wait 3ds has n64 qaulity games? o.0 guess vita has ps2 qaulity games aye? lets be real here
erasure242  +   1466d ago
I am paying $350 for the first edition vita bundle and I am more than happy to pay that price for a 3g/wifiVita... The $250-300 price is fine.
spok22  +   1466d ago
So nintendo dropping the price of the 3DS makes a PS Vita overpriced? How is that logical?
Sarcasm  +   1466d ago

At E3 when the price of the Vita was revealed, everyone had a gasp of relief that it wasn't $399 and up. They even say it's a perfect price to compete against the 3DS.

Now that the 3DS had a price drop because it sold like crap, all of a sudden doom and gloom stories for the Vita are here.
Edward75  +   1465d ago
It's logical.Momma goes to get her her son a handheld, 250 for vita, 170 for ds. Then think, under 200 for Xbox, under 200 for PS3, and the wii is what... 140? Not counting that it will need a mem card. Remember it is that group of people that will make or break the vita, not us gamers who post here,or look at this site. I have the first edition bundle reserved. Do i think,or many of us think it is WORTH it, YES. And just as a gamer... It is a bit overpriced. It will be the highest game playing system, handheld or console out now. Just remember that.

So here is your logic Mr. spok22 . To put it in simple form for you, check out how simple this is , it is OVER the PRICE of all other systems. Hence OVERPRICED. Tada! Logic! Oh as far as the 3ds goes, it dropping widened the gap big time, increasing its gap over the price of that system.

Tada! Logic!
JoeReno  +   1465d ago
Its new. You are quoting prices of five and six year old hardware. That's where your "Ta-da" isn't logic!

That's like someone shopping for a new cell phone, sure they could get a smartphone from a year ago (maybe if they can find one) or the latest super tech from HTC, Samsung or whomever, but that latest tech is going to run some cash. That's just how it works.
Edward75  +   1465d ago
Joe, that makes it overpriced. It might be the best, most awesome tech, most current, has the most power... But costs more then the prices of the products out now . I have no problem paying for it. Why do people like you joe think that moms dads and casual gamers prowl on n4g or any other gaming site.As I stated it is so worth it for me and many people here. I reserved it and love it already.

Here is the Ta-da for you joe. Many many many people buying will not think it is so much better, no 3d... Hmm , looks like the old psp but bigger... Hmmm, it is so overpriced for the masses. Not for us, once again joe it is worth it to us. But overpriced for the market/masses. Don't think hardcore gamers only, we won't be the ones deciding overpriced or not. Think bigger picture happy joe!
#9.2.2 (Edited 1465d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
JoeReno  +   1465d ago
I realize the bigger picture, and fully undertsand family budgets, price shopping, and the logic that makes those choices . Those things however do not make Vita over priced. Yes it is as much as a PS3 and more than the Wii, Xbox360, but was the same price as the 3DS when it launched. Does Vitas price make any other consoles under priced? Hell no.

Vita is not (yet anyway) aimed at the mother debating on which to buy her son. Sony already said that the aim for Vita will be at the casual market later in its life, but for now it is aimed at the smaller hardcore gaming pool.
Edward75  +   1465d ago
So what do you consider "overpriced" to mean? And how should it not apply to the mass market?

Oh, and the 3ds was overpriced, thus the quick price drop. I think Sony will stick it out with the price, but it's still overpriced.. I will happily pay though.
#9.2.4 (Edited 1465d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
Hicken  +   1465d ago
There's a difference between "overpriced" and "more expensive," and you don't seem to see that, Edward.

An overpriced item isn't worth the price. That is that say: the price is higher than the value. Many things go into the value of a thing: how long the item has been on the market, how easy it is to find said item, how useful or functional the item is, etc. If the majority of the item's target market do not think the item's value matches its cost, it's overpriced.

The 3DS was considered overpriced, for example, because it lacked quality games and many of its features were not accessible, and didn't seem to do too much more than its predecessor.

A more expensive item is just that: something that's more expensive than something else. The Vita is, most certainly, more expensive than the 3DS, and even more expensive than entry-level home consoles.

The value of the Vita, as perceived by the majority of those in its target market, is actually higher than the price; it may have conveniently slipped your mind now, but most of us were fine with something in the $300 range... before the launch.

Now that the release date is fast approaching- and now that its primary competitor has undergone a price drop- previously nonexistent detractors now want to make the Vita seem as if it's too expensive, or, as you put it, overpriced. But the system's perceived value hasn't changed, so how can it be overpriced?

Logic is irrelevant. What you're missing, instead, is a little knowledge. I advise you to look up the word you're trying to use here. It might help clear things up a bit.
JoeReno  +   1465d ago
Well said +1
Reborn  +   1466d ago
Apple will disagree with you.

Any ways, it's fine as is. I don't see why it would need a price drop, atm.
Neko_Mega  +   1466d ago
3DS took a price drop has nothing to do with it sales, it help but if it stay with not having any games people want. It would have flop, the PS Vita is going to be fine. It has a nice list of titles coming out with it.
GraveLord  +   1465d ago
LMFAO. This is ridiculous.
Since when does an item being on a wish list mean it is priced to high?

Just look at #2 on that list, Just Dance 3. It only costs $30. Should Ubisoft lower the price? lmfao.....
jetlian  +   1465d ago
vitas price became an issue when it didnt release last year! when they made memory cards mandatory for memory card games! when 3ds dropped its price
danny818  +   1465d ago
Maybe, just maybe nintendo could of afforded to drop the price, mmmm maybe because the 3DS cost $100 to make! that article was released a week after the 3DS came out and no one cried about it!!! So they literly were stealing the early adopters and making a huge profit at $250 every 3DS unit!!! stop trying to troll the vita children!
brettyd  +   1465d ago
Idk about the rest of you but i put things on my wish list that i plan on buying, just not right now.
dcortz2027  +   1465d ago
Nah, the PS Vita is worth the $250-$300. If it was a Nintendo or Apple product the PS Vita would be affordable, but it's a Sony product so therefore it is overpriced, just like the PS3 at launch!
smashcrashbash  +   1465d ago
People don't seem to understand the difference between overpriced and expensive. The 3DS was overpriced because it wasn't worth the price. And before you jump down my throat just look at the difference in specs, screen quality, extras, higher quality games, power etc compared to the VITA. The VITA is expensive (at least according to everyone, I personally don't think so) but worth the amount they ask if you look at how many things they give you for that price.

Overpriced means that it is not worth the price it was given. A luxury car or a steak dinner is expensive but worth the price when you consider the quality you are given. Like I said before in another article just because you can eat a hamburger for less then a steak doesn't make me wrong for wanting to enjoy a nice steak. So eat your hamburger 3DS but don't keep prodding and poking at me because I want to enjoy my VITA steak.
Ethereal  +   1465d ago
After having a great deal of hands on with the until ( I work in the gaming department at Best Buy) I can honestly say its worth every penny. Picking up a first edition, 8gb memory card, uncharted, cradle, and screen protector and I am not worried about the price one bit. $250 is a steal for the tech and feature set if you ask me.
sonic989  +   1465d ago
If I was the CEO of Sony then the only thing I will do is lowering the memory cards prices nothing more because the da** thing deserves the price they ask for ( hardware wise better than the iPad I phone and most androids ) why suddenly the 250 dollars mark is too high some people pay that kind of money on unworthy things just sayin....
Kinger8938  +   1465d ago
Im happy with £229.99 for the wifi one, i think im getting my moneys worth, i would like a card to be included but it would only be a small one so may aswell buy a big one now. hope the main games come in at 29.99 like 3ds
SAE  +   1465d ago
i would love to get a price drop :) , any one want that , even fanboys , but it started with a better price then the psp and ps3...
i for one gonna wait few months or maybe a year then i'll buy vita :) , not because of the price or the games , im broke because of the exclusives xD`...
mechanicleman  +   1464d ago
You cant really expect something like this to be cheap, like expecting an awesome car to be cheaper, all you have to do is save up a little longer, it is worth the price that its at with all that it comes with.

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