CLOUD's Final Fantasy VII AC: Complete trailer now online

A new trailer of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Complete from Square Enix's recently released CLOUD DVD has surfaced online.

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Lucreto3807d ago

I am so getting Advent Children on Blu-ray. My monitor is 720p I think and that looked amazing.

socomnick3807d ago

Really dude I seen advent children the other day and man it sucked. Lol one of the worse movies I have ever seen seriously.

Darkiewonder3807d ago

Glad I held off from buying the DVD Version. unless they'll do another complete edition but for Blu-ray. Figurines would be sweet! :O

SeanScythe3807d ago

I love that Image I have it as a background and had it made into a shirt.

Kain813807d ago

a must have for me.
I have heard that there are more Gore (blood), and battle scenes.
When will this be come out in Europe T.T

Lucreto3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago ) will e-mail me once it is released.

They may say something at Jump Fiesta

DJ3807d ago

Can't wait to see the new footage. =]

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