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Daily Joypad Review - Final Fantasy XIII-2

DJP's Dan writes:

"Square Enix have certainly had better days. Whilst many fans pine for a Final Fantasy game of old or a remake of a classic like VII, Square bring out Final Fantasy XIII-2. Now before you jump onto the bandwagon of hate and ride it all the way to a boycott of all things Final Fantasy, give XIII-2 a chance. It’s not the best Final Fantasy game ever by a long shot, but I think that’s where the vast majority of “core” Final Fantasy fans are going wrong. For what it is, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is still a fantastic game, but it has more than a few annoying niggles." (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360) 4/5

Vortex3D  +   967d ago
Another review that ignores the bad story in XIII-2 and gives it a good rating because everything else is good? If a story driven RPG game has poorly designed story in excuse to be make it less linear, it doesn't matter how good the gameplay is, the game is still garbage.

I guess too many reviewers today don't really put much weight in the game story anymore. As long there are plenty of fun gameplay, that's all that matters like watching a Hollywood movie that is mostly made of good action scenes with poor story.
brish  +   967d ago
I just finished the game and I liked the story. I was surprised by the twist at the end.
Vortex3D  +   967d ago
And the story makes sense? How come time paradox in revisiting the same place never encounter themselves?

I finally just have to play XIII-2 by ignoring the story, just blind gameplay because the time paradox story just doesn't make sense to me.

A cheap method is new timeline gets created. One issue is if new timeline keeps get created, how does the person remember what the last version did to change? The point is Square has to use time travel as an excuse to make the game less linear and hope gamers don't question the time paradox logic too much. It's just the way it is.

As much as I love FF XIII, XIII-2 is a major disappointment to me because of the poor story logic.
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