Dean Takahashi's Commentary on Jack Tretton's interview

Here's Dean's follow-up commentary on Jack Tretton's interview with him and Troy Wolverton.

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ISay3807d ago

lots of things wrong here. sony got ut3 because microsoft didnt want mods, developers arent going to wii to much longer because the games arent being bought, and metal gear is a timed exclusive no matter what sony does its just buissness

The Killer3807d ago

that is sony must do all they can (and they can with cash) to keep MGS4 exclusive and FF franchise!
but am not worried as the guy who wrote the article about ps3 sales, i already see ps3 outselling the 360 with no big games and incomplete online community and hardware functionalities like full support for Xvid or in game XBL(am not sure if i put the right letters :)).
so no need to worry about ps3, and if MGS4 sells over 3 millions in the first month then it will most likely stay an exclusive!

mcgrawgamer3807d ago

do u see the ps3 outselling the 360? From the numbers I've read they are catching up and by 2008 they may be on par, but I don't see them outselling until maybe 2009 to 2010 with the proper 3rd party support. One thing I can tell you is this; Sony is praying Msoft and nintendo dont make a substanial price cut by the new year cuz then Sony will be in the same boat. If consumers are able to get a 360 premium for 299.99 and a wii for 199.99. Sony will have no choice but to prepare for the ps4 to bring back their dominance.

The Killer3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

please when u look at sale dont just look at USA sales! i know the sale in NA is very important but its not as important as the world!
ps3 continuously outselling the 360 every where on earth except for NA and UK and sometimes Australia! the rest of the world ps3 is ruling over 360 and that make up the advantages 360 has in NA! do u get what am trying to tell u?? its not that hard, u can google it and u will find out for ur self if u dont believe me!

Coke-a-Cola3807d ago

Careful You are showing ............

Codeman4203807d ago

ok for 1 third parties arent going to rush to the wii. beacause the great games that they want to make cant become reality because of the power the wii has. the 360 and PS3 have more power so there games can come to be wat they really want them to be. and should a developer say what a console should be no thats why they are making games and not game systems. let those companies deal with there own problems. Yes sony is in last place but with 08 coming hopfuly these titles will bring them back up to speed. Killzone 2, little big planet, GT5, GTA4, GoW3(rumor),RFOM2(rumor), DMC4. They have a ton of great titles and the 360 will have some too they always do. But with people getting sick of not finding a wii right now they are going to these other two companies and buying their products getting their install base up. Nintendo is shooting themselves in the foot for not having enough wii's in stock. Imagine how well they would be doing if wii's were available when ever you walked into a store.

Anyways theres my 1 cent.

pswi603807d ago

anything from is rife with anti-sony sentiment. wasn't it dean who got the $800 halo 3 schwag bag in order to bribe him for a good review score?

he said he was going to return the bag to ms...i bet its still in his office or in his kids' bedroom...

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