NBA Live 08 Gets Online Team Play

EA sent out a news alert letting Loot Ninja know that a downloadable patch for NBA Live 08 is now available on the PS3 to enable 10 player Online Team Play. The patch will be available for the Xbox 360 later this month.

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taz80803842d ago

Great feature for online play

fiercescuba3842d ago

I wish I could be Isiah Thomas and ruin a franchise.

360sucks3842d ago

that was funny

TheHater3842d ago

LOL...Wow they are late with this feature. 2K8 already have 10 players online and is a better game.

DarkSniper3842d ago

EA Sports has finally caught on to the emergence of what PLAYSTATION 3® owners expect out of their games.

NBA Live 08's features have automatically positioned themselves as the premiere online basketball game experienced first on the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Multimedia System.

Once again, hypocritical XBots worldwide and on are stuck WAITING B3YOND an adequate release date for the same features the PS3 performs first.


DJ3842d ago

I'm not into sports games, but this is awesome. Hopefully these online features will be standard in all of their sports games from day 1.

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