Sony's PlayStation 3, Jack Tretton and the looming mess

Mike Antonucci writes, "The notion of a 10-year product cycle for the PS3 is absurd, at least as Sony's game business stands now. The PS3 is in deep, deep trouble competitively, and the echoes for all of Sony will be thunderous."

"There's an unstoppable trend making the PS3 competitively insignificant in gaming (regardless of the console's intrinsic mertits) and Sony needs a radical, short-term solution."

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sak5003841d ago

@seanscythe: If it was B$ hype of 4d gaming and 9 bluetooth devices you'd approve it.

SeanScythe3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

And if it was your grandma rambling about how much she hates Sony you would post it. So what's your point?

Bloodmask, maybe because I didn't see it that was the first time I saw that topic. Also the only time I approve a blog post is if it is one that is an interview not a review of an interview. This post is just some nobodies review of an interview and his opinion on how it went. How is that news? That would be like me reviewing this conversation and then posting a blog about how I felt you have no Idea of what you speak.

BIoodmask3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

if Blogs are against the rules, how come Blogs like this are approved and hit the front page. Not to mention reach over 1000 degrees?

I wonder why you didn't report this one?

Armyless3841d ago

Someone should just post a quote to our posts here and then we can talk about each other's posts...

Oh wait, we do that already. That's what N4G has become.

stevenhiggster3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Seriously, if anyone believed half of the sh1t that is said about the PS3 it wouldn't even be in existance. When are people going to realise that the only people who crap on the PS3 are people who are being paid by Bill or who are sucking his man meat, like bloodmask and co.

Real Gambler3841d ago

"That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news."

He is a blogger, but saddly, I guess he is not a no-name. Still sad though because is only doing it to boost their blog site. But to show you how sad it is, those poor guys (he is not the only one defending his blogs on that site) is writing even more shiit to defend his first blog...

Very poor journalism indeed. But since it sadly make the N4G guidelines, we have to see blogs like those. And guess what, the gate is opening wider everyday. Blog as news, and blogger defending their blog. Next, bloggers blogging on other bloggers posts posted as news. We are in for a treat!

3841d ago
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DJ3841d ago

7.5 million consoles sold, and counting. PS3's in good shape.

cr33ping_death3841d ago

didnt it take the 360 almost 2 years to get to 10 mil??? the PS3 will be fine.....more BS stories from certain fanboys to make them feel better about the nov. NPD numbers is all.

kamakazi3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

microsoft fans getting more and more nervous as the sales rise..... cant wait till the "SONY surpasses 360 in consoles sold" article to be shot down by reports by 360 fans as they cry in denial. you know its coming. this race is far from over.

Maddens Raiders3841d ago

day that it happens (and it will) I fully expect the Bots to rise up and crush the N4G server with epic log ons and bandwidth strain. Funny thing is....The Round Peg will most likely post it...or maybe Blood. I mean these guys read more PlayStation news than we all do, *combined. I guess that's what happens when you really don't have any inspiration at all to turn on your console of choice, or have fear of doing so. 8D

kamakazi3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

completely agree. why is it that these 2 look for SONY stories to post. is it to get the SONY fans angry? or is it to get in as many shots at the PS3 while its behind the 360? i cant wait for the day when it happens, i would love to see how they spin that one around.

i wonder how they will feel, knowing their console got beat by a "blu ray player" lol

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Jeba3841d ago

so he wants a 3 year life cycle just like the xbox - FTW

i thought blogs or personal opinion pieces were not allowed as news?

wageslave3841d ago

The "personal opinions" of gaming industry reporters are valid. Dont be absurd.

cr33ping_death3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

so blog posts are ok now on N4G????? this is a BS blog.....reported :)

SeanScythe3841d ago

Man bloodmask you seem to have a thing for that topic, are you mad because someone beat you to it?

cr33ping_death3841d ago

unlike you not on N4G 24/7..... so there is alot of crap i miss. but it seems every time im on here i find a neg story about SONY done by you.......youre are just as bad as the mart with your obsession to see SONY fail. get help buddy for your own sake.