Nintendo satisfied with Super Mario Galaxy Wii sales

Nintendo of America President and CEO told reporters in a conference call Fri. that the company is pleased with sales of the latest Mario title, Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii home video game system.

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lynx1halo3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

but 1,123,000 units of Super Mario Galaxy sold is hard to deny............but i guess the fact "that Nintendo may lose $1 billion in sales due to Wii supply problems." is kind of the YIN to that YANG

PS360WII3626d ago

Yin and yang most defiantly. Mario is pretty cool so I'm glad it's selling. Hope it goes on to sell what most Mario games do (10 million).

That supply problem is a bit harsh isn't it?

jackdoe3625d ago

Mario Galaxy sold well, but I was surprised that a game that targets a similar audience, Nights, sold like crap in Japan.

littletad3625d ago

Not because the franchise is too popular or anything, but there is even a remake of the original coming out for the ps2?? Which makes it even more confusing. Seriously the market of Japan is just that damn unpredictable. Remember when they "liked" Gears? Whoa.

littletad3625d ago

Goodness gracious. Imagine if they "weren't" satisfied?

DethWish3625d ago

They'd freak out, work harder, and bring an even better Mario game next year.

OOG FunK3625d ago

One thing ill say about Mario...its the type of title that doesnt die out...and people will buy when they get wii's its not a hype and fad like most games today....hes an icon of nintendo...and to have a nintendo console without a mario jus will sell like all other marios have