Street Fighter IV: Gamer Preview

Gamer writes:

"In an attempt to win back those who have been alienated by years of complex commands and hopefully pull in the casual crowd, just as II did all those years ago, Capcom has hit rewind in a big way for Street Fighter IV. Character roster, style, attitude and mechanics all fall far closer to the first great fighting game then they do to its myriad sequels. And while the hardcore might be quick to assume that this will make for a more simplistic fighter, those that like to take play to a higher level haven't been forgotten either. But we'll come to that shortly."

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Sam Fisher3814d ago

dhalsim is the best and u no it

BIoodmask3814d ago

Nice to know that the camera is still locked into 2D. Even though I would have preferred the game characters to be Hi-res 2D sprites.

I hope that there is no air block in SFIV also. This was fine for games like the MvC series etc. But for staples in the SF series an air block make Dragon punches and other air counters pretty much useless.

I have high hopes for SFIV, but I am also very dissappointed that Capcom has swayed from their roots and went with Polygons instead of sprites.

v1c1ous3814d ago

air block has been confirmed

mighty_douche3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

"Capcom has hit rewind in a big way for Street Fighter IV. Character roster, style, attitude and mechanics"

huh? the best thing about street fighter was to pwn you really had to PWN! the "mechanics" worries me, i hope they're not aiming for nothing but huge sales, to do that they're gonna have to make it button bash friendly like DOA or something (<--, <--, -->, X = Fire Cracker) i hope im wrong.

im a BIG SF fan but everything ive seen/heard so far concerns me, screens, the lot.

Capcom just another EA in the making? i f*cking hope not!!

Still high hopes for RE5 though o_O

tmatte3814d ago

Yeah, and I they do reach a middle point between mashirific DOA and memory-based Mortal Kombat.

Marceles3814d ago

"doing away with the intricacies of III’s ridiculously tech (but insanely rewarding) parry system as well as other such features that have graced the series over the years"

awwwww :(( the news gets more disappointing...doing away with features from over the years (especially parrys), but making the game in 3D instead of keeping it with 2D sprites? yeah that makes sense...

Salvadore3814d ago

Could somebody summarize the text?

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