Sony Blu-ray Player Dips Below $300 Mark

The latest in a series of price drops for high-def players on both side of the aisle, several retailers have dropped their prices on Sony's BDP-S300 to record-low levels.

The player, which carries a $399 MSRP, is now being sold by Best Buy and Circuit City for just $299. At press time, was offering the player for just $294.

This new price drop comes only a week after the same retailers dropped their prices on Samsung's BDP-1400 Blu-ray player to similar levels (by mid-week, Amazon was selling that model for $270, setting a new low-price record for a Blu-ray player).

According to DisplaySearch data released late last week, Sony led sales of standalone Blu-ray players as of late November by a wide margin, capturing a full 60% of all BD unit sales, followed by Samsung with 37%.

The Sony price reduction would seem to contradict earlier statements by execs at the company, who -- as recently as last month -- said they didn't expect their BD hardware to decline much lower than the $400 level through the holiday season.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3745d ago

I don't buy movies, I just rent them to watch. I'll rent movies on my XBOX 360. I saw a preview of the movie "Funny Games", that movie looks cool.

resistance1003745d ago

Well blu-ray seems to be on a roll, hopefully they can finish off the HDDVD camp for good now. The end of the war is near

sak5003745d ago

IDIOT, if it wasnt for HDDVD, you'd still be buying BD players for $1000 or Ps3 for $600. Competition is good. What if 360 kills of ps3. What incentive will MS get to improve upon its console and give us more games? Its stupid blind twats like u who ruin these sites.

resistance1003745d ago

So you want 2 movie formats do you? Prices of Blu-ray/HD DVD players are acceptable now. Sure at the start of the war competition is good, now its not needed and one has to go to ensure the HD format can take off and go mainstream.

Comparing consoles and Film formats in terms of competition is as idiotic as you get.

and as for 'Its stupid blind twats like u who ruin these sites.'

same could be said for you, your just jumping to conclusions now aren't you..TWAT

sonarus3745d ago

competition is good but competition will still exist within the bluy ray camp. For instance sony sells the most stand alone blu ray players followed by samsung. If they want to stay competitive they drop their prices below sony to sell more. Thus competition makes prices drop but within blu ray. Strong advertising should boost sales. Average consumer still prefers hd-dvd prob cus they dnt knw the differece. Blu ray has to change their opinions

Bolts3745d ago

There is a difference between competition in the market and a battle between two opposing format. Its like a civil war in the market place, everybody lose.

cuco333745d ago

I wouldn't get this player, nor the Sami 1400 that's infamous for being buggy and unstable. I know this technology is new and all but as your gen2-3 player you would expect some of those bugs to be ironed out.

Aside from that, if you don't care for the features that will come packed in 1.1 and 2.0 disks, and are willing to risk the potential for compatibility issues (as we've already seen with BD+ and BD-J on 1.0 players) then sure, get yourself a gimped player. It should, I stress should, play just he movie fine.

but alas, the PS3 still shows true colors to be the best BD player on the market... How exactly is Blu-ray not a Sony and PS3 format?

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pwnsause3745d ago

well, seen'em at best Buy, its selling pretty well as a standalone.

scrillakiller3745d ago

ur right it uncle told me about this yesterday he works for sony as a merchandiser and he told me bluray standalones sell well.

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