2008: The Year of the Wireless Monitor

At the beginning of the year, EarthWeb speculated that wireless monitors might finally become a reality this year. Walk around the display section of your local computer superstore and you'll see that this was a bit optimistic. But, EarthWeb wasn't far off: wireless monitors are indeed on the horizon and will be here by mid-2008. The technology is finished; all that's needed now is the regulatory clearance.

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RudeSole Devil3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Blu-Ray and the PS3 are the best, Xbox 360 and PC sucks donkey balls. On another note this is cool, less wires the better.. Bring it...

futbol83654d ago

ur right about that ps3 rocks! (Cant wait for update tues. includes wmv support) - earn money by doing free surveys

Armyless3653d ago

Keep it up and get banned. N4G won't take lightly to your stupidity.

BrianC62343653d ago

It looks like the technology is still not ready for real use. Maybe one day we'll have a completely wireless system with no cables for anything, including power. Wouldn't that be great? You could set up your audio/visual system anywhere.

Norad63654d ago

lllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaggggggggg ...

travelguy2k3654d ago

a wireless HDMI or DVI that would be sweet, then i wouldn't have to run wires to my ceiling mounted projector.