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Brash Games writes "Despite a few minor niggles, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is now the yardstick by which all other remakes will be judged. With a perfectly balanced commitment to both reverence and technical advancement, this stands as a rare remake that will be enjoyed just as much by newcomers as it will be by hardcore fans of the original".

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munish232084d ago

The review is kinda late, but it was a really good read. Great review, I share some of the same thoughts about the game. Aside from a few little setbacks, the game was amazing even after 10 years. The water especially when you throw a plasma grenade or shoot an overcharged plasma pistol at it, is a sight to behold.
I really hope Halo 4 brings back the exploration aspect of the first, and I have a feeling it will considering the mystery around the forerunners.