Crisis Core heads stateside on March 25

Square Enix's epic Final Fantasy VII prequel is coming to the US at last! Square Enix confirmed today that the PSP exclusive will arrive on March 25th. The game follows the adventures of Zack and his life as part of SOLDIER. Along the way, he'll meet familiar faces, like Cloud, Sephiroth and more. Crisis Core has been rated T by the ESRB for Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes and Violence.

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SynGamer3779d ago

My only concern is that God of War: Chains of Olympus is coming out at the same time i believe...

Darkiewonder3779d ago

It'll come out in March too. Unsure which week though ;o. But next year will be great.

Daishi3779d ago

That week(month even) my consoles are going to be getting lonely q;

Marceles3779d ago

Woo hoo, now I'll finally know what everyone was saying lol...I beat the japanese version without knowing more than half of what was going on.

SynGamer3779d ago

Lol, no imagine playing it in English and actually knowing what's going on. Can't wait, between God of War and FFVII:CC, no need to buy any other games for a few months.

Sam Fisher3779d ago

man f*** GOW, im buying this when it comes right out and then wait for dissidia to come out

xsteinbachx3779d ago

i'm just waiting till i get FF VII (original) for the PSP, but ill have to pick up crisis core for sure.

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