Tim Schafer: 'Publishers are scared of new IP'

Publishers are scared of investing in new properties, according to Tim Schafer.

The founder of Double Fine Productions said that it's been a problem as new intellectual properties are his studio's speciality.

"Publishers often don't want to release anything new, I mean they're scared of new IP, and Double Fine specalises in new IP," he said.

"That's always been our challenge, is getting a publisher to invest millions of dollars in something brand new like Brutal Legend."

He said that releasing smaller games through digital services is ideal, as budgets are smaller and publishers are more willing to invest.

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Stuart57562265d ago

Especially Microsoft.

Devs love a new IP though.

Darth Stewie2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

No you mean Nintendo, Microsoft at least had a couple of new IPS this gen.

coolbeans2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Kind of ironic for you to say that when considering every, or almost every, new IP-this gen-from Double Fine has been on the Xbox 360.

Why o why2265d ago

i think you know what he means but the thruth is MS have done better than nintendo in regards to new ips. Nintendo rely on old

Baka-akaB2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

MS didnt have a portfolio of ip to begin with , so of course they built them up on both xbox consoles .

And now that they have a safe quantity , do you see them expand much on it ? They've slowed down on it

Pikajew2265d ago

The video they use was f*cken funny.

@Darth Stewie

Nintendo makes a bunch of new IPs but they are not as popular as Mario or Zelda

Stuart57562265d ago

No I meant Microsoft. Halo up to 4, Fable up to 4 (not announced but inevitable) Gears 3, Forza 4, Project Gotham 4. new IP's: Alan Wake, Crackdown, the list gets worse after that, Blue Dragon, Kinectimals.

Sony on the other hand! Wowzers! Only Ratchet & Clank aren't new this gen (of the big ones), they're still announcing new IP's too. The last Of Us for instance.

Noticeably_FAT2265d ago

Are you serious? Aren't we on God Of War 4 now? I personally think Gears Of War is one of the best new IP's this generation. Alan Wake is no slouch either. Crackdown was more of a reboot.

Lost Odyssey was also an amazing game, cant forget the Microsoft published original Mass Effect, which is still my favorite for the actual RPG elements.

It's a bad economy and it's hard to justify spending millions of dollars in a new AAA IP when the chances of it being successful are slim.

Would people still be happy if Sony had to close up shop because they are wasting so much money and not really seeing any profit off these games? Or would you rather have your favorite IP's and maybe a new one here or there?

Believe it or not, companies cant keep pumping out games if they aren't selling.

Rainstorm812265d ago

Crackdown a reboot?? A reboot of what

And BTW many Sony new IPs has sold well over a million, and most sold more than Crackdown and Alan Wake, Its just this NEW perception that every game must do Halo, Gears, GT, or COD numbers.

If publishers werent chasing those numbers we would see more new IPs.....The worst part is many publishers feed money into making the next Halo-Killer or the next COD-killer instead of new unique IPs which could possibly sell better than their clone attempts

IM_KINECTED2265d ago

Crackdown was a game on the Genesis back in the day. So it was rebooted on the Xbox 360. A true AAA release usually needs to sell 2, 3, 4 million to even break even or to make money.

1 million isn't really as much of a milestone as it used to be, because these companies spend so much in R&D and advertising.

Consider that Homefront didn't even make a profit, same with BulletStorm and LA Noire.

Publishers have to publish what is going to make money. That might be sad, but it's all a business. Maybe one day game companies will get into charity but I don't think it's going to happen.

Alan Wake was one of the most pirated games of all time and the original Crackdown on the Xbox 360 was fantastic, I think it sold around 3 or 4 million. Some of that could be due to the Halo 3 beta included.

Still was a solid entry.

Rainstorm812265d ago

@ Kinected

Crackdown on Genesis and the Crackdown on 360 are the same game thats rather surprising..

But Crackdown one was a pleasant surprise and the Halo 3 beta didnt hurt either... Its CD2 that hurt the series. I havent heard about AW pirating situation but RDR also hurt it in the sales department

And 1 million is still a milestone many games never see.

Check out the link its many quotes from publishers on gaming profitability.

Most games only need 1.2 to 1.5 mil on PS3 or 360 to be profitable and many new IPs this gen has reached that

Captain Qwark 92265d ago

MS new ips.....
alan wake
lost Odyssey
blue dragon
too human
viva pinata
ninja blade

just off the top of my head, and while not critically acclaimed, most of those are actually solid underrated titles. esp lost Odyssey which is one of the best games this gen imo.

also sony has a bunch of new ips too, but dont act like ratchet is the only thing returning. for a fanboy your not very good at it.....returning....

god of war 3
ratchet and clank ( 3 titles )
gran turismo
killzone 2 and 3
twisted metal

and those are only the ones published by sony, they have many returning franchises not published by them as well. on that note though, they have also def been creating the most new ips as well. ms stopped around 2009ish and has just been riding its proven franchises since then.

i wouldnt blame either company for not wanting to experiment though, everyone keeps buying the sequels and annual titles and ignoring the new ones, its more our fault then the game companies. if we learned to buy new ips and purchased games more in the 8 range, we may get more triple a games as a result of those 8's getting sequels which could end up being 9's. look at mass effect as a good example, critically anyway, the second cored way higher than the first. ( i liked the first better )

Emilio_Estevez2265d ago

That's funny coming from him. He has a lot to say recently about others while he makes a crap kinect game.

IM_KINECTED2265d ago

What exactly makes it "crap"? Is it because you don't like it, or is it because the game is bad?

Just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad. Different strokes for different folks my friend.

The game is aimed at kids and he made it with his daughter in mind. The game scored very well and you cant really complain about a game made for kids. They are a demographic in gaming as well. Same thing for families.

Emilio_Estevez2265d ago

I can and did complain about a game made for kids. Obviously your completely un-bias as your name implies. It is crap b/c I don't like it, yes. It's called an opinion, that is mine. I could care less about his demographics, what does that have to do with me or you for that matter? I really like Costume Quest and Stacking, so for them to take their time to make that instead of something worthwhile(imo), adds to the crapness of the game. It may score well for children, but not me.

StrongMan2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

Your agenda is showing. That Sesame Street game only sold 300k and you imply it's a good thing when earlier you where going on about new IPs not being worth the risk due to poor sales. The so called "core" kinect games sell even worse. Rise of Nightmares, Gunstringer, and Child of Eden ALL tanked in sales with no more than 300k. Devs can't afford to keep wasting money on kinect games that won't sell.

KMCROC542265d ago

@DrStabwounds Opinion's are like assholes we all have one,kids are future consumers & kids have parents that are consumers.

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