How to Increase Ps3 Download Speeds

Here is how to increase your ps3 download speed, use your PC as a proxy server, and then your PS3 would connect to the Internet via your PC

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ISKREEM2296d ago

Very helpful and informative. I used to experience painfully slow download speeds on my PS3 at times, but upon following this tutorial my performance increased by over 12x! You have my thanks.

cervantes992296d ago

Thank you for posting a real and informative article. Nice to see some quality info on N4G.

I have been meaning to do this for awhile now, I think I will set this up tonight. My downloads have been tolerable for small files, but full game trials take FOREVER to download.

MaxXAttaxX2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Updates firmware in 5 minutes at most and updates games in about 2 minutes.
Although 4GB demos usually take a lot longer.

But if you can take the time to set this up, then go ahead.

ChrisW2295d ago

Wow... wish I had this 6 years ago!

caseh2296d ago ShowReplies(1)
BitbyDeath2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Thanks, will try this as soon as i get home.
Hopefully this will speed up Vidzone! XD

Disccordia2296d ago

Very good guide but you shouldn't have to go through 12 moderately complex steps to to get faster speeds in the first place (IMO)

gamingdroid2296d ago

I wonder why this is causing it to go faster?

Usually when you add a proxy, it slows down the connection, not speed up as you have to go through another intermediary server.

ChrisW2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

PS3 firewall bypass?

Sgt_Slaughter2295d ago

I would love to know who disagrees with a true comment.

morkendo232295d ago

would u know it.....360 girls doing it.

itsallgud2295d ago

The ps3 needs all the help it can get.

caseh2295d ago

For all the retards that disliked my post and noted it as 'not a reply'

Like I said, this has been known for AGES and this is just another approach to the SAME SOLUTION for increasing downalod speeds.

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tarbis2296d ago

I'm gonna try this. =D

tiffac0082296d ago

I don't know man... our country's internet connection still suxs, so I doubt it will work. lol!

joeyisback2296d ago

ps3 download speeds go by your internet speed when i had 6mb internet it took for ever sometimes and now i got the 15mb it downloads way faster also you got to have your ports open on the ps3 or have your ps3 in dmz mode for the full speed to really reach the system if some ports are closed it messes with your connection and speed

bozebo2296d ago


The method described in the article is only successful as a by product of using ICS through a PC.

Just tweak your routers guys >_<

peeps2296d ago

I don't think so... I have 50mb Virgin media and usually get 35mb down according to speedtest. Via Steam on PC I download at 4.5-5mb/s whereas on PS3 (in DMZ) it only downloads at maybe 1mb/s (based on physically watching the download)

Fylus2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

50mb? Jesus Christ; where do you live

Neko_Mega2296d ago

I went from AT&T's 10mbps to Cox Cable 18mbps, I can play MAG with no lag.

I think PS3 sometimes doesn't get the full speed from some company's internet, because I have heard people have problems with others.

Don't know but Cox offers up to 55mbps here.

hiredhelp2296d ago

Im with VM too also 50mb xxl btw increasing this year to 100mb free charge and againt in summer to 120mb gota love virgin gota love fiberoptic better.

kreate2296d ago

I didnt know ps3 had slow download speed. When i download something from psn, i check the status and it shows 900kb/s download speed which .. I think is pretty good.

bozebo2296d ago

"...MAG with no lag. " that rhymes

peeps2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )


I'm not talking about lag issues.... I'm talking about actual download speeds. Yes if I run a speedtest on my ps3 I get speeds of around 30-35mb (same as my pc) but you don't actually download at that rate... It's all dependant on where your getting the data from and there must be a bottleneck on Sony's end imo.

I presume I got disagree's because I said downloads on PS3 are slow. I'm just stating facts based on my network...

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thekiddfran2296d ago

How do you open your ports on the ps3 or change the ps3 to DMZ mode???

dantesparda2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

You have to do it throught your router. You cant open ports on the PS3. The easier route would be to just put the PS3 in the routers DMZ. I dont feel that it makes a difference though. I get like 1 megabyte a sec on the PS3 when im downloading and my ISP download speeds are 10 megabits per sec (so that means that Im getting around 8 megabits per sec). I can tell just by counting the megabytes as they download in the download manager on the PS3.

When i put the PS3 in the routers DMZ, it doesnt make a difference. However, i would suggest putting it into the DMZ mode simply because certain games can give you connection problems when you're not in it (e.g. EA games)

tigertron2296d ago

I just sign out of the PSN.

davekaos2296d ago

You could follow this tutorial step by step and waste 30-60 mins or you could give your playstation a static ip and put it in a DMZ state and then use a google DNS server.

2 mins of configuration and not only that but now all your playstation ports are open which means you will be able to connect to any online game host without issues and less lag depending on the host

dantesparda2296d ago

He just means to go into the ps3's network setting and set a static ip (a ip address that doesnt change) and change the dns server address to something from google. However, to put the ps3 into the dmz, you have to do that through the router, you cant do that through the ps3.

But why would any of this make it faster? the static ip, would only make it a split sec faster when you first turn on the ps3 and it is connecting to the router, after that though a static ip address, wouldnt make much of difference any more. Samething with the dns, once it connects to the site, a faster dns server shouldnt make a difference. As for lag, good luck controlling that. the best you can do for lag is optimize your end and avoid playing against further away people. Especially other countries

GanjaMan2296d ago

how do i do this? + can you do it through a macbookpro?

davekaos2296d ago

putting an IP into a DMZ state needs to be done by connecting to you router IP, usually

Each router differs so there would be no point in me trying to explain, Best thing to do is google how to DMZ on your router.

Ganja, yes it can be done on mac book it can be done on anything providing you are able to connect to you router.

The whole reason why your speeds are slow on psn is because your connecting to their portal on a port that may be restricted or have limited traffic ie 1 way traffic.

Guaranteed putting your PS in a DMZ state will resolve ALL your online issues!

Ocelot5252296d ago

most routers use

lsujester2296d ago

One of the two, usually. I've had three over the years, they all used 0.1

davekaos2296d ago

@ Dante, i did not say its guaranteed to make things less laggy, it all depends on the host however with a DMZ your packet of data is sent straight to the host without trying to find a correct port.

Without a DMZ or your ports opened means your packet has to find an alternate route which results in a delay in how long your packet takes to reach the host which then means "LAG"

Clearly you dont understand how network traffic works, i suggest you learn something before posting!

caseh2296d ago

May as well dump the PS3 in DMZ like Davekaos suggested, its not like its going to get any brute force hack attempts made on it and it will solve any issues with online gaming.

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