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What if the Vita had an Apple logo instead of Sony's?

Call me crazy. Call me misguided. But I preordered a Sony PS Vita the other day. That's right, I plunked down a $50 deposit at a GameStop near work, thereby earning the right to own Sony's new handheld game console the day it comes out here in the U.S. on February 22. (Apple, PS Vita, Sony)

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LOGICWINS  +   1389d ago
"So despite being more optimistic about the Vita's fortunes than some my fellow editors, I can't help but think that Sony will most likely have to drop the price of the system to $199 or $179 to really start moving units after the early adopters have their fill (in Japan, Vita launch sales were initially strong but have dropped off precipitously in ensuing weeks)."

Yeah, the price will drop, but Sony should wait till the holiday season to do it. A lot of people are willing to pay $250 for it right NOW. Sony might as well get an extra $50-$70 from the hardcore nerds in the first couple of months...then announce the price drop at Gamescom.
Nitrowolf2  +   1389d ago
Yea I expect a drop to. Wish I could buy it now but i'm short on the cash for it.

Also if this had an Apple logo it would be $500+
LOGICWINS  +   1389d ago
"Also if this had an Apple logo it would be $500+"

Thats the unfortunate truth of the matter. Even worse, a $500 Vita with an Apple logo behind it would actually sell more units than a $250 Vita with the PS logo behind it.
FriedGoat  +   1389d ago
Do any of you know Sony at all? The price will not drop, even if it does sell badly (which I don't think will happen in the west) the ps3 initially sold badly, how long till a price drop? Consumers are wishing for a pricedrop but it's not gonna happen. The 3DS dropped its price due to a poor launch and no good games for 6 months, vita is a different story. And yes I've had a 3DS from launch an I have a vita preordered.
All these people speculating a price drop in months? Are you mad? This is SONY they hardly do pricedrops and when they do it's years after not months. So those of you not buying are gonna be paying the same price but months later, maybe more because these early deals are good!
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Dasteru  +   1389d ago
assuming every other aspect of the system was the same, only difference being an apple logo instead of sony, $500+ AND 10x as many sold with lineups 5 miles long on launch day. Oh yeah and people beating each others faces in and smashing windows to be the first ones into the store.
kneon  +   1389d ago
Also if it had an Apple logo it would be hailed as "revolutionary" and "magical".
Elimin8  +   1388d ago
Vita will sell like hot cakes.. As for selling boat loads with Apple logo? Yeah ,it would sell like HOTTER CAKES! Just saying...
farhad2k8  +   1388d ago
If it had Apple written all over it, it would have sold more than actual home consoles! People would be buying 2 for 1 person!

And the Memory Card woes wouldn't even exist, people would just look past the price!
CynicalVision  +   1389d ago
'Call me misguided. But I preordered a Sony PS Vita the other day.'

Why would anybody call that misguided? The Vita is a fantastic product with a wide range of launch titles.
LOGICWINS  +   1389d ago
"Why would anybody call that misguided? The Vita is a fantastic product with a wide range of launch titles."

Maybe because despite the fact that its a fantastic product, theres a strong possibility that the price will drop in the summer. Don't know about anyone else, but I have a friend who buys every new console Day 1 and he felt like a retard when the 3DSs price dropped so quickly.

I'm inclined to agree with him. Paying a $50-$70 premium just to have a console a couple months before everyone else is kinda dumb...at least in my opinion.
GamersRulz  +   1389d ago
what a f#$ed up logic you have. by your logic, you don't have to buy anything unless its handed for you for free !

just look at the specs of the device, if you think it worth the said price then buy it, if not then leave it and stop labeling people "dumb" just because they bought it early.

off Topic
Its really sad for me, seeing you (Logicwins) blinded by such fanboyish ideas. I used to enjoy your comments in the past because you were LOGICAL back then. Its just sad.
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LOGICWINS  +   1389d ago
^^Ummm...wow. Well, I hope you feel better now.
PamPoovey  +   1389d ago
The thing is though even if it did get a price cut BUT it manages to hold out longer then the 3DS did, people will still find a way to nit pick it.
cervantes99  +   1389d ago
Everything drops in price. If everyone waited for a price drop then nothing would sell and we would'nt have any inovative products in the marketplace.

You know, not everyone is strapped for cash and $250 is hardly anything to lose sleep over if the price drops.

Quit labeling people based on your own biased beliefs.
jthamind  +   1389d ago
"what a f#$ed up logic you have. by your logic, you don't have to buy anything unless its handed for you for free !"

that makes absolutely no sense. how did you get that idea from him wanting to save some money?
Pushagree  +   1389d ago
Just because the 3DS got a price drop prematurely does not mean that NGP will.

The difference between the two is NGP gives gamers what they want so they will buy it. 3DS did not so they had to cut the price.
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GodHandDee  +   1388d ago
Considering recent Sony financials, unless the vita is a super bomb (which is unlikely) they will not reduce price any time soon. They don't have to either. Once the games start pouring in gamers will buy the device in Japan as well.
RockmanII7  +   1388d ago
You should know by now never to talk bad about anything Sony, you'll get thumbed down into oblivion here.
360ICE  +   1388d ago
Agree with Logicwins! Don't know on which planet people on this site live, but if the price is considered a little too high, a lot of people will wait for a drop which again will make the drop come faster.

GamersRulz and cervantes99's comments are comments that make me worried about the educational system. Whether Logicwins likes one console better than another or not has nothing to do with anything at this moment, because he is completely right and I can assure that ANY market researcher (or in an ideal world any kindergardner) would agree. Even thought I don't agree with the timing of the price drop.
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rezzah  +   1388d ago
My 1st comment was wrong.

In the case of waiting to see if sales will lower, it makes sense if you wish to save money.

However, expectation that a lowered price will come as quickly and resemble that of the 3DS is questionable.

The only thing that a person could lose out on by following this set of mind is losing the possibility of a 1st edition bundle.

So basically it is up to that person if they wish to sacrifice possibility of a quickly lowered price to getting a 1st edition.

Overall LogicWins is right in his speculation.
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mayberry  +   1388d ago
because CynicalVision, cnet has a preconcived negative attitude toward Sony products. jus sayin!
Majin-vegeta  +   1389d ago
*What if the Vita had an Apple logo instead of Sony's?

It would cost $500+ and we would see a new ones every year with minor upgrades e.g.psvita4s or something along those lines :D.
Queefy_B  +   1389d ago
Exactly, and why should the price be dropped? 250 is fine, heck if people wanna be cheapskates let them, look at the 3ds that was 300 at launch and i wouldnt even buy one if it was 49.99.
supremacy  +   1388d ago
Agreed, I just think as long as the ecosystem remains the same across all apple products then many wouldnt mind upgrading their devices every so often.

I strongly feel Sony should offer all those mobile games found on cellphones for the same prices they are on the cellphones.

For example instead of jacking up the price for something like angry birds to say $5.00 from 99cents. They should just sell it for its original 99cent price off the ps store.

You know, fill the store with thousands of 99cent games. Doesnt matter if they are ports or not, the vita is already build to play like a smartphone with its touchscreen controls. The transition I am sure will be a rather painless one.

Imagine the ps store full of 99cent games, along with psone classics which retail for $5, then add $9.99 psp games for download as well as regular psn titles and vita games. And simply give the vita owners access to all of these.

This is something that would change things and potentially add a whole new audience as well.

Also Sony should consider making new skues which should include a decent size memory card, headphones and a 10dollar psn card.

Reduce the price on each model by $50.00 and you got yourself a winner.
user3903999  +   1388d ago
"Imagine the ps store full of 99cent games, along with psone classics which retail for $5, then add $9.99 psp games for download as well as regular psn titles and vita games. And simply give the vita owners access to all of these. "

But then you'll probably have a bunch of idiots saying it's useless because they already have it on their phones.

And those 99 cent apps are almost never 99 cents. In app cost on some app are up to $99.
And some developers make their games to where you have to buy in app crap to advance.
Pikajew  +   1389d ago
It would cost 2000$ more and sell a lot more
Akiba96  +   1389d ago
Then mindless apple fans would eat it up... and it would probably get a ad push as well..

Even if you don't like apple, you have to admit, they are very good at pushing product.

On the other hand I have only seen crappy taco bell Vita ads...
BitbyDeath  +   1389d ago
"What if the Vita had an Apple logo instead of Sony's?"
It'd either be illegal or a cheap chinese knock-off.
Sobari  +   1389d ago
Then it would be an overpriced piece of shit.
Magnus  +   1389d ago
Well if the Vita had the Apple logo it would be expensive and it would probably have the letter I for I Vita. And the name I Vita sounds bad
dcortz2027  +   1389d ago
It would be priced at around $500-$600, and a new model would come out every year. It would also sell millions at launch!
josephayal  +   1389d ago
Better technology and retina display for just $1,200
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jeeves86  +   1388d ago
Next year's model will be 3% thinner.
Rainstorm81  +   1388d ago
better tech?? like the two less than 1 MP cameras on the Ipad2....
TheDivine  +   1389d ago
I see it selling decent to all the hardcore sony and techies but after sales will drop drastically like in japan. The only thing to kindle the sales will be a price drop and a few big games like cod, assassins creed, and a final fantasy. The massive sales surge in the 3ds was due to marioland, mk7, and monster hunter tri-g along with the lower price and christmas holiday. Now it has a steady stream of releases in a row (revelations, tales of the abyss, mgs3, kid icarus, kingdom hearts, and nintendo titles) it will maintain momentum. Once the games pile up and prices drop on mem cards and the vita everyone will start to pick it up. It will do very well i think in the long run but we will def see alot of vita is doomed articles after the launch just like the 3ds. I cant wait to get some jrpgs (tales, persona 4, ffx) on the vita, it will be portable heaven coupled with my 3ds.
erasure242  +   1388d ago
Its funny how all these people are calling for the Vita price drop even before release. Yet a 16 Gig iPad 2 (Wifi only) is $500 and up.

The Vita is not the the one over-priced here...
Sobari  +   1388d ago
Just goes to show how easily blinded consumers are.
smashcrashbash  +   1388d ago
Unfortunately this is all too true. All informed people know that not only are Apple's devices over priced but they aren't even the best out there.But try telling that to anyone who buys Apple products.People jump to buy what ever it is as log as it has the Apple logo on it.

Many people have no problem opening their wallets to buy the next big Apple product. But as soon as even reviewers and tech people start referencing the VITA, suddenly the recession is back on and points taken off for expense. Where were the minus points when Apple drags out ANOTHER only slightly better version of something you brought not to long ago?
izumo_lee  +   1388d ago
Well Sony has been facing that question about their products for many years now especially this gen in regards to the PS3 & now the Vita.

Everyone seems to forget when the price of the Vita was shown at last E3 all those analysts saying the thing was going to be $400+ were eating their words. The only problem with the price now is it is compared to the 3DS where Nintendo at first overpriced the thing but have to cut cause it was not selling with less features.

People have no problem shoveling hundreds even thousands of dollars for the next 'I' device every year but they can not accept the price of the Vita.
SSKILLZ  +   1388d ago
it would cost $600 and everyone and their moms would buy it
nigelp520  +   1388d ago
ZippyZapper  +   1388d ago
There are other versions of the PSP.
rezzah  +   1388d ago
Every year with small changes?


Over a couple years with obvious changes?
Ace_Man_6  +   1388d ago

Still sells shit loads though, right? :)
thedude44  +   1388d ago
What if the Vita had an Apple logo instead of Sony's?

it would have an apple logo.
auen1  +   1388d ago
i played one yesterday at a local gamestop. that thing was sweet. obviously, i'll be waiting for the holiday season to see if they release a cheap bundle on black friday. i'm starting to save up for it right now.
MasterCornholio  +   1388d ago
That's exactly my prediction. Sony will not drop the price but this holiday season they might have bundles with a memory card and a a game.

I would also like to comment that people who expect Sony to massively drop the price like Nintendo a month after launch are going to be severely disssapointed. Just because it happened to Nintendo doesn't mean that it will happen to Sony.

demonJAKAL  +   1388d ago
On amazon uk they are selling the wifi version for £234 with a selected game and 8gb memory card
ZippyZapper  +   1388d ago
Apple could make this blindfolded. Why would Apple need to put a logo something they could just do?
Rainstorm81  +   1388d ago
I think you missed the point completely
spok22  +   1388d ago

just thought you guys should know this.
rezzah  +   1388d ago
Lol thanks for telling us, I'm sure we can sleep peacefully now =p
FutureTechnologies  +   1388d ago
-It would be priced at 499.99$.
-It would've sold 5 million devices day one.
BX81  +   1388d ago
What if my site wasn't reaching for attention?
Ethereal  +   1388d ago
Can't wait for my first edition bundle! Long Live Play!
Blacklight82   1388d ago | Spam
xX-Jak-Xx  +   1388d ago
people will say "it is cheap because of its technology"
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guitar_nerd_23  +   1388d ago
Good argument, couldn't agree more.

I think Vitas a win, Amazons got cheap bundles already, vote with your wallets.
Razongunz  +   1388d ago
lol... look! it's a iVita!
Ace_Man_6  +   1388d ago
lol, I'd buy one! :D
Friendly_fiend  +   1388d ago
sony see's us as people hence the $250 price tag
apple see's us as big talking sacks of money hence the $500 price tag
ndl1531  +   1388d ago
i have never owed an apple product and dont think i ever will . never saw the big deal in rushing to give 400 dollars plus for their crap . to me the vita looks like value . its basically a ps3 with a led hd display in the palm of your hands . anybody comparing the vita to the 3ds is an idiot plain and simple . i have a 3ds its cool cant wait for re.revelations . but the vita just blew my mind when i played it at a local gamestop just a beautiful piace of technology and for 249? i think its a bargain considering all it does . keep dreaming cause that price drop is not gonna happen till like fall next year plus you all get more than enough for your money ya cheap bastards . go out and buy it or STFU already
tarbis  +   1388d ago
If it had an apple logo? I'd never buy it. Never bought any apple products and never will.
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