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Submitted by xiren187 1391d ago | article

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Recruit ‘Twilight Odin’ in Your Party

Despite of not having an Eidolon that players can use in battle, there’s a monster that can comes close to Lightning’s Odin that is recruitable. (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360)

NatureOfLogic  +   1391d ago
I just got Odin, he's too weak but has some good auto abilities. I was hoping he would replace my maxed out LVL 70 Narasimha with 928 ATK, but he doesn't come close.

He's a great monster for the earlier parts of the game.
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evercast  +   1391d ago
He's one of the BEST if you max him out.. it just takes a ridiculous amount of components plus he has a 6 bar ATB.

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