GTA5: Should Rockstar wait for the next gen?

Although Rockstar hasn't actually said that Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out on the current crop of consoles it's pretty safe to assume it's bound for the PS3, 360 and PC.

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Pushagree2475d ago

They should so the naming of the game would actually make sense.

IV was a sign of a next gen GTA. V should be as well. Anything else is GTA:Insert location here.

Kevin ButIer2475d ago

No... unless you want to play this game in two or three years

DeadManMcCarthy2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

I'm sick of people confused to why it's called "GTA V" and not GTA(Insert Location). Fans assumed Rockstar followed this number pattern with each gen but it was never confirmed. They can call it whatever they want.

One of the most obvious reasons is it would be too easily confused with GTA San Andreas if they called it GTA Los Santos, and it wouldn't sound new. GTA V sounds new and that's what R* probably wanted.

Pikajew2477d ago

If they wait they can add a lot more content and not be held back by this generations consoles.

cyguration2476d ago

I agree.
GTA IV had a ton of limitations due to current-gen hardware. Unless the systems get more RAM and GPU power all those same problems from GTA IV will stay in GTA V.

I'd rather they do the game right and unleash GTA V so that they will have no creative limitations.

marioPSUC2476d ago

I would agree but we have no idea when the next gen console will be coming out, and they already had been working on this game for a very long time and coming out later this year.

I imagine they'd really have to redo alot of the work on this game to get it to be able to utilize the new systems.

HammadTheBeast2475d ago

No, because the "PS4" is said to not be coming in a hurry, and I can't wait that long for my taste of GTA.

yezz2475d ago

maybe it would be wiser but I WANT a NEW GTA ALREADY. there has been only one gta this generation :'(. they shouldnt make them as fast as cods but 4 years and we still dont know how long we have to wait for the next one -__-

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The story is too old to be commented.