British Gaming Blog's Uncharted Review

Mark Brown writes:

"From statue-turning puzzles to vine swinging hi-jinks, Uncharted is a thrill a minute action adventure with a bucket full of amazing locations, sublime gameplay and believable characters. Absolutely the best game on the Playstation 3 and a strong contender for best game of 2007."

Four Shiny Gold Stars/Four - Incredible

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Liar3811d ago

"Uncharted is a thrill a minute action adventure"

300 thrills and it's over, with nothing left to do.

Rikitatsu3811d ago

yea just like how i did with MGS 1

PimpHandHappy3811d ago

your saying the game is 5 hours long


Good one but not true

anything else you want to add to this thread douche?

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