Square Enix announces 2008 North American line-up

Crisis Core, Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate, Dragon Quest Swords and more due up very soon. Official details and dates announced for North America.

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Fighter3779d ago

Glad to see Crisis Core on that list and I'm still praying for FF 13 or Versus 13.


Even if FFXIII and Versus XIII make it to 2008, it was already expected to be Japan only... America have to wait 'till 2009.

PS360WII3779d ago

I'll be getting 3 of those for sure ^^

Dragon Quest Swords - Feb 26
Crisis Core FFVII - March 11
The World Ends with You (know as 'It's a Wonderful World' in Japan) - sometime in spring.

Still don't know about the handheld FF:CC.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3779d ago

I bought PSP the day that Crisis Core came out on Japan. I bought PSP just for crisis Core. While I am in EU i will import from US if it will not released same week in EU :)

Crisis Core = Nation Implodes

DarkSniper3779d ago

2008 will be a very profitable year for Square Enix and Sony. With these companies in cahoots with each other, Sony looks to gain a substantial amount of console sales for the stretch run of 2008.


PS360WII3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Well really Square Enix is more in cahoots with NDS but I'm glad Square Enix is pumping out games on everything ^^

edit: well besides mobile.. they need to stop that crap

predator3779d ago

dam, ff13 or versus are not there, lets hope they sneek in.

Panthers3779d ago

This is EARLY 08 list. the title needs to be changed

mesh13779d ago

sony fans keep deluding hem selves ff will be released 2009 u all know that waitbeyond hahahahahahahaha

Panthers3779d ago

why is that funny? god you make no sense, and you sound retarded

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The story is too old to be commented.