The Twelve Games of Christmas

Avid Gamer present their interesting festive list of the games this Christmas. Looking at 6 worthy and 6 turkey titles they present some of the games that you may overlook or wish your relatives had when you receive them Christmas day.

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MK_Red3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

The story was updated and the error was corrected :)

Snoozer2823506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I'm the Editor of the website, and I have to admit that the article was posted without my input and look over.

I've edited it as I've seen fit, taking your correct statements into effect.

MK_Red3506d ago

Good work but still, One doesn't see these games in a list together much often:
Jackass- The Game, Guitar Hero 3, Lair, Uncharted- Drakes Fortune, Kane and Lynch, The Golden Compass

We have 2-4/10 Golder Compass to 8-9/10 Uncharted... Lair, Ace Combat 6, Soldier of Fortune 3...

Snoozer2823506d ago

Maybe the article isn't that clear. The little crackers represent positive games, and the turkey's (representative of the double meaning) ones to avoid.

My writer decided to branch out and look at the typical genres as well as some obscurer ones. I'll amend the article to explain what the little pictures mean.

MK_Red3506d ago

Uh... ok. Better now. I did notice the pics but thought they were for decoration.
Thanks for info and help :)

BrianC62343505d ago

I think this list is stupid. Why keep attacking Lair? Just because you aren't smart enough to figure out the controls doesn't make it a bad game.

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