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PCWorld: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

PCWorld: The second Final Fantasy game to get a direct sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues right where the end of the first game left off. You play as Serah, a young woman who works as a teacher in New Bodhum. She leads a relatively carefree existence with her friends in their beachfront village but remains haunted by the conviction that her sister (warrior woman Lightning, who starred in the previous game) is alive, even though every else is convinced she’s dead. Serah’s fiancé Snow is the only one who believed her, and now he’s gone missing too. (Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, Xbox 360) 4/5

hano  +   1091d ago
Everybody is entering the PC game market, except Square and Namco, they're still in the Dark Ages. We see JRPG's and Fighting Games on PC now, they should really build their reputation with PC gamers. Japanese companies are losing a lot of opportunity.
Capcom has been smart, they are sticking to their efforts on PC and they know that the investment will pay back, they are building a fan base on the platform. Credit for this painful move probably goes to Capcom US, Sven and his team.

This is why Square's PC MMO lately didn't do that well, because they haven't built a strong PC community and fanbase or they would have known that they can't release that game on PC in its state.
Hicken  +   1091d ago
XIV did poorly because it wasn't very good, not because there wasn't a strong base on PC.

Fans of FF and Square Enix understand where the company's focus lies. And it's not as if they've never made any other games for PC: both VII and VIII, as well as XI are all available on PC.

I can't speak on Namco, as I don't know their history as well, but they know their fanbase, as well, and they know that more than the vast majority of the people who want their games have a console.

Please don't put "smart" and "Capcom" in the same sentence: they've done nothing but manipulate and abuse their fanbase this generation, and I honestly don't see that changing.

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