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The Ten Worst Games of 2007, according to GameRankings

Gemaga counts down the ten worst games of 2007. These appalling games have earned the lowest average scores at GameRankings during the year. (Chicken Shoot, Culture, Deal Or No Deal, Godzilla: Unleashed, Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal, Nintendo DS, PC, Pool Party, PS2, Wii)
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MK_Red  +   2696d ago
Look at the consoles of these games (From the pics):

The analysis:
1. No Anubis 2 or Balls of Fury.
2. Wii and DS have the biggest number of games on the list and are the best selling consoles ATM. So, to have your console sell better than rivals, make as many ZZZ games for it as possilbe (Common beliefe that AAA games help sell console are proved to be wrong here).
v1c1ous  +   2696d ago
the true measure of a console's success
is not when the biggest titles hit your console, but when all the crap companies want to concentrate their tripe on your console exclusively


3 of the low 10 games were all created by DSI games.

makes you wonder.
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TwissT  +   2696d ago
Totally Agree
After seeing the horrendous reviews of Anubis 2 I thought to my self "couldn't be that bad" so I told my cousin to buy it, went over there and played it. The game was so bad my cousin kept saying "its so bad, its so bad" in the fetal position, bottom line, DO NOT PLAY ANUBIS 2!
eclipsegryph  +   2696d ago
To put things in perspective, and away from your anti-Nintendo spin, isn't this the same formula that pushed the PS and the PS2 into the top spots in their respective generations? Hell, that's what saved the PS2 from its slow release - Sony just wanted to get games on their system. So why is it bad that Wii is following this trend?
MK_Red  +   2696d ago
OK, DS is much like PS2 but what about Wii? Has any other console in the history had so many terrible and 1-2/10 games in it's first year? Anubis 2, NinjaB man, Billy the Wizard, Desktop Racing and that other Xtreme one, Balls of Fury, Cruis'n, Chicken Shoot, Escape from Bug Island, Dave Mirra BMX Challenge, Pool Party, Spy Games: Elevator Mission, Ultimate Duck Hunting, Alvin and the Chipmunks and more.
PS2 didn't have this many crappy games in 3 years and Wii has more in about just 1.
All of that is of course excluding the more popular disasters like Soulcalibur Legends and Boogie.

Just check this page and look at left of screen for list of all Wii games and scores. Wii's page on MetaCritic has the biggest number of yellow and red scores (And it's only 1 year old).
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eclipsegryph  +   2696d ago
Oh I'm well aware of how crappy the bulk of the Wii games are, but crap is crap regardless of the system. The thing that's selling the Wii now is that it's trendy - thus those game developers want to get their junk on the system as fast as possible.

What is interesting, though, is that the PS2 started off very slow, and Sony had to push developers to get games on the system - any games - and THEN it became a trend. Maybe the Wii is working backwards from that, becoming a trend first and then getting the games later.

Either way it's an interesting dynamic that the gaming world hasn't seen in a very long time.
TheMART  +   2696d ago
Strange, they forgot Lair - PS3
MK_Red  +   2696d ago
Dude, this is based on Meta score / GameRankings average and Lair had a 40 average or something. Vampire Rain is at 36 along with Hour of Victory, Wii's Balls of Fury and Anubis 2 are below 18 (Of course, my numbers are from MetaCritic but they're not much differnet).
CeruleanSky  +   2696d ago
Millions of dollars in marketing bribes to gaming sites saved Halo 3 from making these lists:

* Sub HD graphics - can only run at 640p and not 720p like real next gen games

* Crappy last gen looking graphics - oh look! Gaudy shiny coloured metal!

* Jaggies all over the place

* Huge framerate problems

* No dedicated servers

* Laggy P2P networking

* Can only manage 16 players per online game

* Only 6-7 hour single player

You have to imagine Bungie knew that Microsoft was going go nuts with the marketing bribes for review scores and didn't even bother trying to make a decent game.
v1c1ous  +   2696d ago
you're so cute
toughNAME  +   2696d ago
yes it gets cuter every time
nasim/shmee/tanod/ ........ whatever your name is now
razer  +   2696d ago
that is idiotic posts get's all agrees..

Just goes to show the intelligence level here.

The bigger the lies the more it's the truth.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   2696d ago
i expected bomberman act zero to make that list
but i guess there are far more games that suck than that. and 80% of that list are nintendo games. what up with that? are the only good nintendo games mario and zelda related?

[edit]nvm, thats a 2007 list
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Frulond  +   2696d ago
funny how...
you can tell these games suck by looking at their covers xD
TheIneffableBob  +   2696d ago
Where is Big Rigs?
MK_Red  +   2696d ago
Isn't that a 2005-6 game?
Darkiewonder  +   2696d ago
sucks so bad I want to get it.

I watched the show when I was in the UK lol. different humor than from the US ;o
TruthbeTold  +   2696d ago
What I really want to know is...
...how many copies of Anubis 2/Ninjabread man have been sold so far? Even so called "non-gamers" have got to be angry once they get home and play that garbage. You'd think Nintendo would know better. If I was a new customer and I bought that crap with the naive false understanding that all video games are quality, I might never buy another game for that system. Anyway, anyone know how many have been sold?

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