14 Games Like Call of Duty

The Call of Duty series is well known for its great single-player and multi-player gaming experience. But there are many other games that share the same level of polish that are often overlooked.

The games listed are a mixture of PC and console releases.

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Stuart57562297d ago

14 games like Call of Duty.

1st on list?.......

Call of Duty!!! Wtf?

Canary2297d ago

Since when is CoD know for a great single-player experience? If you're not buying these games for the online element, you're doing it wrong.

Also: 14 games like CoD? Does anyone really care? Remember back when making games like CoD was considered less a mark of honor, more a secret shame?

GraveLord2297d ago

The original is always better.

There's a reason COD-clone is meant as an insult.