Extreme Gamer Reviews Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3) - 8.6/10

Extreme Gamer writes:

"If you're not into the online aspects then Unreal Tournament is only worth a rental. Unreal Tournament III easily belongs in the top ten of shooters of 2007, but there is nothing here for the single player gamer. The goal of Unreal Tournament never has been its single player experience and Unreal Tournament III continues this concept. So if fragging friends online in a highly competitive and fun atmosphere sounds fun, you need to check out Unreal Tournament III. More Unreal always equals more good times, have yourself a Red Bull and join the fight."

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macsto3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

This game is fantastic, it needs a better score.

TheMART3323d ago

Well maybe, but just a bit. Average reviews:

lynx1halo3323d ago

who the hell is Extreme Gamer???? they are nobody's .........NEXT PLEASE

TANOD3323d ago


just shut up

Keowrath3323d ago

Yeah that's right Mart, you keep playing the reviews, I'll be busy playing and enjoying the games.

TANOD3323d ago

eat that MART TARD....BTW is your x360 still OK or you sent in for permanent repairs

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Fresh3323d ago

UTIII is a beast of a game especially online,I can't wait till next year so all gamers can enjoy this great game on PC,PS3 and Xbox 360.

AngryHippo3323d ago

....i totally agree. Have a bubble. I live in the UK and unfortunately have to wait till next year....does anyone know the UK release date for this game?

PimpHandHappy3323d ago

and it looks and runs awesome

I cant remember when i played Unreal last but this game is a ton of fun. I played the story mode first and the opening scene is very cool but yea the sinlge player is just training for online. Kinda lame but its worth playing just to see the movie parts

I still think COD4 is the better game but as far as online frag fest go no game makes it as fun as this Unreal has.

Dare i say fastest FPS on any gaming system?!?!? I know PC is faster but then again who cares about PC gaming when you have a 360 or a PS3

Drekken3323d ago

Unreal with SpeedFreak on is insane. I wish midway servers ran this mutator.

v1c1ous3323d ago

in b4 pc-lovers bury you in disagrees

Armyless3323d ago

A reviewer cannot judge every game by the same criterea. Some games are meant to played a certain way.

You wouldn't score Final Fantasy 12 with lower marks because it DIDN'T support mulitplayer.


pc is only faster cause mark rein wanted the game faster on pc, its not like the ps3 couldnt be faster, GT5 prologue is cg photorealism, so i know that this is a mirage of a game made by Epic Games

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