Sony Assures PS Vita Will Suceed With Sales Promotions

Sony has come out to assure consumers that there shouldn't be a problem with the PlayStation Vita taking off. Despite trailing each month since its release to the Nintendo 3DS, Sony believes that this will eventually change. A little help from Kevin Butler appears to be in the horizon.

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SoulMisaki2234d ago

I was on the fence at first, but after that Trade-In promotion at EBGames Canada, I went for it.

Cancelled my Last Guardian pre-order, put that on Gravity Rush, and preordered the Vita and WipEout 2048 - I actually have WipEout 2048 with me right now, since they were selling it before they even sell the system.

MultiConsoleGamer2234d ago

What? Vita games are in stores?!

*hops in the car and takes off*

SoulMisaki2234d ago

Yeah, it's weird, but they're selling some of them before release - at least at my store.

Army_of_Darkness2234d ago

so the day I get my vita... It will be well protected once it gets removed from its 2 month old box....heheh... yes... my precious!

DarkBlood2234d ago

you tell me what games u traded in :P i gotta figure this shit out sir so i can hope to get one soon

SoulMisaki2234d ago

Go to for the Canadian trade in values of games

Colwyn2234d ago

im buying two 3g ps vitas and 10 games first day.this is the best handheld device ever and it is a powerful kit that will quench my console game appetite anywhere

Pikajew2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Cool story bro

I will probably wait to get the Vita

Bastion172233d ago

Its almost pathetic, this guy.

Animals_as_Leaders2234d ago ShowReplies(1)
MacUser19862234d ago

Sony really shouldn't assure anything considering their last two release have been less than expected.

Half-Mafia2234d ago

Does anyone really think Sony is going to let the Vita fail. The Vita is going to be almost as important to the whole of Sony as the PS3 is.

remanutd552234d ago

have you seen the first party launch line up ? its by far the best i have ever seen on a sony console , if that is an indication then i think they will support the system a lot , heck Gravity , Little Big Planet , Resistance and Killzone arent part of the launch line up so there are 4 big titles to look forward after released

Half-Mafia2234d ago

I was talking more like how the media see's it. I know how amazing the launch line up. I personally think its the best launch for any gaming device ever.

Toward the end of the year the Vita is going to have games like

Assassins Creed

MGRogue20172234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I hope they're not just relying on Kevin Butler to sell the handheld lol..

They need to start showing lots of commercials (not just Kevin Butler) & put posters on high streets. Anything that's eye-catchy to attract attention to it.

Sony was never any good with advertising their products.. I don't see why that'd suddenly change with the new PS Vita..

Neko_Mega2234d ago

Sony was never good? Where have you been?

Last I check PS2 had not problems at all.

PS Vita is most likely going to blow 3DS away with this:

RememberThe3572233d ago

Yeah dude, is this your first generation? Sony's been bad this gen, but before this they killed it in advertising.

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The story is too old to be commented.