BBFC applies for judicial review

The British Board of Film Classification has applied for a judicial review regarding the successful appeal made by Rockstar Games against the Manhunt 2 ban.

The Video Appeals Committee had previously overturned the BBFC's rejection of Manhunt 2, but now the Board is seeking to overturn that decision, as well as a suspension of the Committee's decision to grant the game a classification.

According to a statement released by the BBFC, the Board believes that if its original decision isn't allowed to stand there could be significant consequences on future classifications.

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gamesR4fun3843d ago

but your just the BBFC
Heres hoping everyone starts taking you to court

caffman3843d ago

they lost. They should accept it

andy0013843d ago

So the BBFC makes a decision, then Rockstar go through the appeals process, and because Rockstar win the appeal the BBFC want to take it to court?

Doesn't that just make the appeals process a waste of time. There is no wonder that there are so many protests and violent outbursts nowadays when the government and its machinations are stripping away our liberties.

andron6663842d ago

BBFC have improved a lot since their censor happy days of the past, so why do a 180* now ?

It seems they have made a stand and can't get themselves to admit defeat.

They probably should have saved it for a more worthy cause ;)