Developers to use Wii's Balance Board for new games?

Developers are being given access to the Wii's Balance Board peripheral, further increasing the physical interaction possibilities open to Wii games.

The board, which was created for WiiFit, is being used in a new Namco Bandai title called Family Ski. In addition to using the regular Wiimote/Nunchuck combination, players can also use the balance board by leaning to regulate turns as the character descends the slope.

Should the same openness with the peripheral be extended towards all developers, game creators would have a new palette of physical interactions to use when designing their games. No firm details have been confirmed at present, but more is likely to be revealed when the board is released in western territories in 2008.

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ngg123453810d ago

Wiifit. Pay more attention in making good games, with bareable controllers. Ubisoft make a game that isn't a port, and same with ea. Becausethere is no way ea, or ubisoft is going to make a game work with that controller.

lynx1halo3810d ago

You cant develop the Wii board with any other games because, such like skating and skiing, as THE Wii BOARD DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO JUMP, or LEAVE THE BOARD WHATSOEVER

PS360WII3810d ago

It could be cool. Much like the Wii Remote it's yet another tool developers could use to get gamers outside of the box. Playing games with controllers is sooo last gen ;)

PS360WII3810d ago

aww I can have fun without getting a disagree :(

rev203810d ago

Can you use the balance board and the wii mote at the same time as that could make some interesting games if they could get it right.

wiizy3809d ago

that sounds good... i like to see what they can do with the innovation that is the wii board

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