Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3: 9.5/10 from WorthPlaying Review

By Sanford May, Monday, December 17:

"Rare is the occasion to review a game - for that matter, review any creative work of entertainment media - in a single sentence. Epic Games' Unreal Tournament III in its PlayStation 3 incarnation offers just this opportunity: The title brings the touchstone, if not inaugural, franchise in the PC-shooter sub-genre often called 'twitch gaming' to a console, feature-complete with all distinction in visuals, sounds, control and gameplay intact."

Score: 9.5/10, Editor's Choice

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Rikitatsu3777d ago

has started Rolling even before 2008 ,

hasty little black beast isn't it ?

TANOD3777d ago

a flurry of AAA after a sudden drought


PimpHandHappy3777d ago

for the first time online Sunday. This game is fun and i 4got how much fun a old school FPS can be. If this game had a better story mode it would put Halo to shame.

but then again

COD4 has already done that

this is the fastest FPS i have played online on my PS3 and its a ton of fun

TANOD3777d ago

I have both and i can certify that

Maddens Raiders3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

or is the PS3 being underestimated as a system with really good games? I mean it went from "No" games, to "I can't decide which ones to buy now", in a relatively short period of time! 8D

nix3777d ago

it still is "no games" for xbots! q:

TANOD3777d ago

Ratchet,Uncharted,Unreal T3, Hs, Motorstorm, Folklore,Resistance, NGS, F1 ----that list is simply unmatchable

Armyless3777d ago

I don't know what to do.

TwissT3777d ago

The Ps3 is the underdog in this gen war, and thats why I root for it.

EZCheez3777d ago

Seeing if I had one to trade in and get some money off of UT3, and for the first time I didn't want to lose any of them. Now when I turn on my PS3 I actually have to think about what games I want to play. I still haven't beaten R&C, I want to play through Uncharted again, I haven't reached Prestige mode in COD4, and the wife loves Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Eye of Judgment. Decisions, decisions. And I still have to get UT3!

PS3 is definitely underrated right now.

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Killjoy30003777d ago

awesome. im getting this baby for christmas along with uncharted, playstation eye, and the orange box.

HarryEtTubMan3777d ago

HEY I think I'm getting this today... can u guys tell me a good Bluetooth headset to buy?

SabreMan3777d ago

the best i have used is a Jabra BT135 i it's the one you get with the retail version of Warhawk or it is here in England.
I use a ps2 Socom USB headset tho so i don't have to worry about charging the headset and it works perfectly on every game i have tried it on.
the cable is a bit of a pain but i can live with it for now, i just hope Sony release an official dedicated ps3 Blutooth headset we can all embrace, imo the ps3 should come bundled with one.

Staircase3777d ago

The Jabra is a very good headset, and the quality is great. However, I find that it starts to get uncomfortable after a while of gaming.

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