HEAD-TO-HEAD: Playstation,Xbox feud

Microsoft boss Bill Gates is poised to claim bragging rights over Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer in the battle of high-end video game systems - at least for this Christmas.

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ravinash3625d ago

I think many a fan boy has already have claims for that.

v1c1ous3625d ago

i guess nintendo succeeded in letting the "other guys" battle it out.

mighty_douche3625d ago

that the CEO's of global cooperations are better than childish fanboys...

eitherway, isnt about who makes more money that sales figures? i mean selling twice as many units but still being billions in the red cant be much of a bragging point.

Liar3625d ago

Bill Gates wins no matter what. When one of these Sony goons gives $29 billion dolars to charity and medical reasearch in only 7 years then they will have something to be proud about. Until then, screw them. They contribute nothing to humanity.

Cryos3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

what about [email protected] ? but I guess that doesn't count.

PimpHandHappy3625d ago

I really like what Sony has done with the PS3


I wonder if we could get windows OS on that b!tch

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The story is too old to be commented.