A Brief History of Video Games Breaking the Fourth Wall looks back at the history of video games breaking the fourth wall. From The Secret of Monkey Island to more recently Batman Arkham Asylum, we provide a brief list of titles that are guilty of this video game trope. You may not see every occurrence covered, but we're sure you'll find some of your favorites.

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Pikajew2172d ago

Cthulhu Saves the World breaks the fourth wall so much.

fallacious2172d ago

There should be a Deadpool game, it would be awesome, god knows how he loves to break the fourth wall.

RchrdJ2172d ago

If I remember correctly, he did it a few times during his appearance in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

rdgneoz32172d ago

And MUA 2, and in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Gotta love,

Abdou232172d ago

I'm sorry did he just describe MGS 1 as bad ?!

I don't even know what to say here....

Relientk772172d ago

Don't listen to him. He's hysterical.

snipes1012172d ago

He was saying the examples in the last paragraph were bad examples of breaking the fourth wall, not that the game was bad.

Abdou232172d ago

Even so, they are not.The whole game is amazing and the Psycho Mantis fight was incredible and waaaay ahead of it's time.the whole game was.

snipes1012172d ago

He meant that they were not the best examples in the context of the article I'm pretty sure, not the game.

humbleopinion2172d ago

Where's The Bard's Tale?
Any where's every Lucasarts graphic adventure game from the golden days?

wallis2172d ago

Cool article. I like the abstract approach to topic ideas seen in a lot of recent articles popping up. I like it and the idea of examining the breaking of the fourth wall in games is a great example of paying attention to something that isn't totally banal. Graphics, game X vs. game Y, 8 year late reviews, and sexism seem to be topics of about 80% of the articles I see lately.

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