Microsoft puts Xbox 360 upgrade in a spin

BBC News - Monday, 17 December 2007:

Microsoft make it unnecessarily difficult to upgrade from an Xbox 360 to the Elite, says Bill Thompson. Thompson describes the painful process of upgrading and transferring his user data from an old Xbox 360 Premium to a new Elite.

[ Bill Thompson is an independent journalist and regular commentator on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet. ]

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mighty_douche3835d ago

Well M$ are new to software so i guess this is forgiveable.... oh wait...

uxo223835d ago

hasn't this been whined about in the past. Or does Jack Thompson feel his eposide should be given additional sympathy. He must be getting thing on things to write about.

v1c1ous3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

EDIT: i am a dum dum

allatain3835d ago

not really too difficult to up the PS3 HD, its just swap the drive after removing it from the bay, only down points is the need to transfer saves and the long ass format time

Hapimeses3835d ago

Did you read the article at all?

The author made it clear that the process was not only unneccessarily complicated for something that should be simple, and is simple on other platforms, but that it is also costly, wasteful, unreliable, and, as far as he was concerned, enough of an issue that he no longer wished to make further purchases from Microsoft's gaming division.

That, for me, is a little more than 'having problems reading instructions'.

And, as for your edit, upgrading the PS3 is pretty easy -- a few button presses and a few screws to unscrew and screw. Indeed, this article:

...calls it 'easy as pie'. Oh, and it's not too expensive either.

If I were him, I would also be a little peeved. The whole point of consoles is to make gaming easy, not difficult, and here it seems Microsoft has dropped the ball in this isnstance. That said, all current gen consoles drop the ball in some areas, but this one seems to be uniquely a Microsoft issue.


predator3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

does changing the HDD in the ps3 effect the warrinty?

edit: @ meus - [email protected]$%^ing sweet, 160gig here i come

Meus Renaissance3835d ago

No, it does not. Upgrading the HDD is even spoken of in the manual.

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Zip3835d ago

Is he some kind of fan boy? I mean how difficult can it be ?

TheZippo3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I bought a second Xbox and all I had to do to transfer my profile was put in my Gamer Tag and password and it transferred all of my gamer info. For my game saves and themes and pics just transfered them with a memory card. For everything else I just downloaded it again. This guy is making it alot harder then it needs to be.

Kururo3835d ago

actually the ps3 is an open system. guess he didnt get the memo :P

allatain3835d ago

oh so close, I just wish sony would remove hyperviser or whatever it is that locks down the RSX chip and makes it easier to access some of the other hardware. Sony works with Yellow Dog Linux to make an OS that utilizes the Cell but won't let them install all the drivers needed to fully utilize the PS3 which disappoints me

jorellpogi3835d ago

Linux users are waiting for Sony to unlock the graphics chip on the PS3. This will make open the floodgates of more powerful emulators to play Nintendo/PC/Xbox/PS2/Sega games. :)

donscrillinger3835d ago

1st off it was very easy to do .all i use was an 64mem unit and it took about 10mins, game saves and shows and download content for the games ,also your ms account ,acrade games .but the only major thing was with the arcade games. it was that, you can only play the whole game online .i've been hoping they would some how fix this prb with this .but not yet .but this guy needs to quit hating all the damn time fasho

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