WipEout HD - racing online is 'very important'

The upcoming Wipeout HD will feature a comprehensive online mode, SIXAXIS motion support and rumble effects. Director Tony Buckley speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK revealed that Wipeout's online play is a 'very important element' of the game. 'Healthy banter' will be possible via voice-chat in both the lobby and in-game. Posting scores and lap times will promote competitive gaming and community spirit.

The game also features a secret 'Zone' mode.

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Rama262853690d ago

"Wipeout HD is due to be released over the PlayStation Network in Late May/Early June 2008" - I thought it was coming out earlier than that, DOH!

I'm looking forward to this game, the PS3 doesn't have a racing game which is fast/frantic and also incorporates weapons. I've been wanting a game like this.

Darkiewonder3690d ago

then followed by HD. That's good to know. My friend will be upset but pleased to know it's at least coming ;o

killer_trap3690d ago

i got the original wipeout from the psn network......that game sure aged gracefully, it doesn't look so dated after two generations of console!!!!!!!

DJ3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

I was hoping it would come out sooner. -sigh- O well, time for Wipeout Pulse! =] Which reminds me. When the hell is Infinity Ward going to add rumble support for COD? =/

name3690d ago

I'm loving the hell of out motorstorm right now, but I want me a futuristic shooter. After motorstorm all I see when I close my eyes is dirt. I've been waiting for wipeout for a while.

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