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Connect the PS3 to Your Phone, Starting Next Year

Seems that Sony's not only trying to compete with Xbox Live and Nintendo's similar services, but also with Apple's iTunes. The news of the day is that the PS3 will be able to hook up to your cellphone and you surely know that this is just another reason for those PSP Phone rumors to resurface. The Remote Play functionality featured on the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 will probably be expanded in order to allow the next-gen gaming device to connect to many other gadgets.

Linking a PS3 to a mobile phone means hardcore media streaming and maybe a chance to take screenshots and capture videos from the games you play, plus some neat content management of your saves and files. This new feature should be launched by April 2008, probably with the aid of a brand new firmware. It will be interesting to see if the connectivity option is only available for Sony's phones, or the ability to hook up iPhones to our beloved consoles. (Industry, Mobile, PS3, Tech)

TANOD  +   2480d ago
Thats a real cool feature

PSP TV connectivity has increased PSP sales worldwide. I am waiting to see what it does to the PS3 with projections saying that PS3 would already do much better in 2008.

2007 is also a good year for PS3 with sales projected to reach 9m in terms of worldwide sales
mighty_douche  +   2480d ago
>>>INNOVATION<< < where Sony will always be King.
InMyOpinion  +   2479d ago
Yeah, they reinvented rumble in 2007 lol!
season007  +   2479d ago
that's very cold
a joke or not, a mock or not, i can hardly find anyone appreciate...or being amused by it, unless a hardcore (+ dumbass) fanboy
predator  +   2480d ago
i was trying to hook up my sony ericsson to the ps3 on the weekend, no wonder it didnt work although i would of thought it would
mighty_douche  +   2480d ago
yeah, ive tried it with several phones, sony's, nokia, LG's etc all with no success.

thinking about it though, im sure that connecting over bluetooth isnt far away.
TANOD  +   2480d ago
will work next year
I have a SONY ERICSSON W series phone

i sold mu IPOD and got that one....why waste money on useless MP3 player when i can get an MP3 player+ a phone
nanometric  +   2480d ago
Good thing that I bought my Sony Ericsson K550i two days ago on saturday, all i need now is a PS3 :D

P.S. Damn and I already have felt in love with it, I guess thats what happens when your only mobile phone before for 3yrs has been a Siemens C65 :D
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WilliamRLBaker  +   2480d ago
Ps3=sonys attempt at taking on over 10 different entertainment sectors and losing at all of them.

MAke games...Thats fine...But video player, music service video service?

its been done before and better then you've done and are capable of, The Walkman anal Bead mp3 player is a failing product for a reason...
aiphanes  +   2480d ago
Mr Xbot,,,they are only talking about connectivity with phones...
Did you see the HOME video where they were running the xmb on a cell phone? They said it would work on any cell phone that was using java...which is most cell phones...the xmb that runs on the phone would allow you to remote to the PS3 and do what you can with a PSP to PS3 right now...but the music store inside of the PSN store will be up by then...if microsoft is going to do it with xbox live why can't Sony do it with the PSN? Sony has the music and videos...and they now have the games especially in 2008....what games does the xbox 360 have comming in 2008 that can go up against the PS3 lineup..except for Gears of War 2...which has not even started development yet...
nanometric  +   2480d ago
I remember M$ wanting to make TV's

@Douche They did? Never noticed that
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mighty_douche  +   2480d ago
i remember M$ wanting to make a stable Operating System....
gEnKiE  +   2480d ago
remember M$ trying to make a IPod clone but failed horribly?
El_Colombiano  +   2480d ago
Remember MS trying to make a PS clone but failed horribly?

Oh and the stuff Sony is cramming into the PS3 is simply awesome! Can't wait to have my phone hooked up to the PS3!
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DARKKNIGHT  +   2479d ago
WOW, william you are AMAZING. not in a positive way, but amazing nonetheless. merry christmas troll, youre on my ignore list.
gEnKiE  +   2480d ago
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krisq  +   2480d ago
I'm connecting...
...my N95 to PS3 without any problem. I can manage music, watch recorded videos or taken pictures. Even better, N95 has DLNA server built-in so there is no need for cable connection if you want to just watch something from your phone. PS3 is mighty indeed.
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P4KY B  +   2480d ago
I've been charging and viewing pictures/music from my mobile on my 360 for years.
But it does need a cable.
Premonition  +   2480d ago
that N95 i heard is a monster, but with out a carrier its kinda expensive, and I doubt AT&T will take it since people are putting it up against the iphone.
mighty_douche  +   2480d ago
had the N95 for about a year now...
...its a great piece of kit, not as "cool" as the iphone but much more functional (which is far more important to me).
atke car  +   2479d ago
my nokia 6280 work as well.
Skater_Ricky  +   2480d ago
Sony Winner in My Book :D
The Playstation 3 will Come out on top..

They are already selling more and more ever day.

All my Friends that have a 360 Loves my PS3.. So hear me out all you M$ fanboys... if you haven't tried one then don't COMPLAIN about it..its a must PLAY for EVERYONE!

Come give it a try you will love it :D

Great reviews from all there games :D

Expanding content and Expanding there options on all there Features!

UT3 rules :D

See me in the playing fields!

PSN: Skater_Ricky ;)
DJ  +   2480d ago
If they do it
it should be open to all phones, and allow support for Bluetooth transfers.
whoelse  +   2480d ago
This would get me to buy a Sony Erricson phone if this feature is really good.
Edwin1989  +   2480d ago

I have a SE W880i, the same as Phil Harrisson used at E3 connected with his PS3 :D so I'm pretty sure mine will be compatible :D
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ScottEFresh  +   2479d ago
I have a Nokia6265i...I hope it will work .
Horny  +   2479d ago
i already charge my phone on the ps3, the cable to charge the controller is the same one used to charge my phone and I can just take the card out of my phone and put it in the ps3 SD card slot to transfer my stuff.
StateOfRhodeisland  +   2479d ago
I have a Sidekick III.............
and i nextel i880 wich both are blutooth enabled. am sure that will help.....what do you guys think
JasonX43  +   2479d ago
I'm waiting for them to come out with a TV that already has the PS3 built into it!

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