"Japan is in trouble", says Silent Hill 5 producer

Akira Yamaoka, the Producer and composer of Konami's forthcoming Silent Hill 5 has said he believes that the future of Japanese game development is in trouble following his experience in working with American studio, The Collective.

Speaking with Game Development Magazine, Yamaoka, who has worked on numerous instalments in the Silent Hill franchise, said that "Japan is in trouble", before elaborating on western firms, insisting, "They're very advanced".

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Liar3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Maybe if they spent more time working on the actual games instead of CG cutscenes they wouldn't have fallen behind.

zapass3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

well, masturbation is clearly not falling behind in this country. the hilarious bit for me is that some dork submits this just before the GT5 demo comes out, so that I don't have to waste that much typing: just check out GT5 prologue and compare with... anything else: how's that behind forza23 or pgr45? woahahaha! someone thought he could get away with this kinda trash?

now, for the konami dude, I feel very sorry for him, he's gonna have some explaining to do. he's an obscure producer who never made it to kojima's team and now, he's made a worldwide total fool of himself, his company and his country: ouch!

now for the really funny bit: he said that after dealing with "the collective", HA! (they're notoriously bad in the industry)

Rikitatsu3779d ago

but Western devs fail a lot in making a game with Great gameplay , or nice art direction , or Good story , thats why i prefer Japanese games

Western devs should stick developing FPSs

predator3779d ago

fail at great gameplay and story?

mass effect, uncharted, halo 3, oblivion, to name a few disagree with your comment

Bombomb3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

he wouldn't know a good story & game even if his ps3 had one. I bet you lair is on top of his list.

Japan western devs have caught up to you. Your game mostly attract japanese gamers while development cost are sky-high, I think it's time to start catering to all regions with some of the tiles, if you wanna make some money. Even square and capcom recognizes this.

console no longer die in japan. Europe/Us is where it's hot.

WilliamRLBaker3779d ago

Final fantasy, Most capcom games... as sources of bad Story lines any more.

Token bad guy...fighting token evil...finds token sword....has token magic or special power....and thats about 6 out of 10 games in japan any more.

Genuine3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

First, you can't tell people what they personally prefer. While you consider games like MGS and FF to have great stories. I completely disagree. Imo MGS has one of the lamest most convaluted stories in video game history. FF is simply far too emo for my tastes. And gameplay, you consider MGS to have great gameplay. I consider 3rd person fixed camera, running in circles flailing trying to punch someone to be pretty shoddy gameplay.

Just because your an anime fan, and Japan makes anime games doesn't make Japanese developers better. In all actuality, anime isn't all that popular on the world stage. I know in the U.S. most anime fans are looked at as strange emo perverts.

socomnick3779d ago

The japanese games that I like this gen rare. They seem to have drooped the ball if it wasnt for capcom I would own no Japanese games .

TheSadTruth3779d ago

are u retarded predator? I understand your point but you didn't exactly pick games with good stories lmao. Halo 3's single player story is absolutely horrid, and I'm a huge halo 3 fanboy. They need to hire professional writers in the future, because the plot is extremely embarrassing as a halo fan. It's like they made it up as they went along without a script. Oblivion? Good plot? lol. That's definitely not a strong point of the game, go there do this quest go here do that quest, close the portals, save the kingdom. Great plot.. and I haven't played mass effect but Bioware does know how to write good stories so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

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mikeslemonade3779d ago

American development hasn't evolved and is still young. There's potential in American development but Japanese games will sell better in general for the time being because America games sell the best only in America and Japanese games sell everywhere.

Bombomb3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

but good observation, gaming if you look at history started real big in japan. That goes with the best selling hardware and software titles.

The point is the tide is starting to shift as the Us and Europe markets are becoming bigger and more important.

western devs have gotten a strong hold and their RPG's keeps getting better, which is a top favorite in japan. As well as shooters, platformers. Top selling games in japan are mostly jrpg's, is what I'm saying. Western Dev make all types of games that sell well, these days.

The top selling games have been FF's and Metal Gears as they will be for the PS3 this gen , I predict, but after that what do you have? maybe GT. Another thing western gamers play everything in the top 5-6 generes. shooters, western rpg, jrpg's you name it..

euro and us are becoming more important in terms of sales.

Rikitatsu below, your list is exactly what I just described, you just named the biggest japanese franchises in the last 20 years. reading my current post what else is there after they die?

Urban you can take me on every single sentence or you can discuss, your bringing nothing new to the convo. looking at what really got the home console market going, atari started it but nintendo really helped revitalize the US video game industry after the 83 crash. Hey a testament of time it's still around. Well that's another subject.

UrbanJabroni3779d ago

"but good observation, gaming if you look at history started real big in japan. "

Pong was American. ATARI is an american exploded in the US long before the Japanese came along.

ReBurn3779d ago

That's not the case at all. American game development is evolving at a faster rate than Japanese development. I would go as far as to say that Japanese development has matured to the point where it pretty much isn't really changing much.

What Japanese games have been setting the the new generation on fire? Most of the ones that everyone says are the best haven't even been released yet.

Rikitatsu3779d ago

and MGS , FF , Tekken , GT , Zelda , Mario , Shenmue , Resident Evil , Dragon Quest , Soul caliber , metroid prime , DMC , Okami , Shadow Of the colossus , Ico , etc... disagrees with your list

Halo was totaly overhyped , Mass effect is full of bugs and glitches , Oblivion Is the one of the few great western games though , Uncharted is so-so


"he wouldn't know a good story & game even if his ps3 had one. I bet you lair is on top of his list. "

LOL aren't you contradicting yourself ? Lair is a Western game lol , it can't be on top of my list

HarryEtTubMan3779d ago

all the games u named are amazming and I wouldnt say Uncharted is just " so so" at all. Its a very good game.

v1c1ous3779d ago

but more than half of your list are true and tried IPs (zelda, mario etc) and everything else was last gen.

in this new gen, western games have gotten the most attention than before.

try to name a few big name japanese titles released so far for the next gen.

lost planet, GT:prologue, Virtua Fighter 5...and the list gets harder and harder.

now try to name western games that have garnered a lot of attention this gen, and while most are shooters, the top selling titles have all been western made.

Japan is still the most important market in terms of game creation, but it is no longer the gaming mecca. halo topping the japanese sales for even a week is an indication of this. hell, the xbox 360 sales in japan, while nothing to launder at, are still semi-decent given the xbox1's track.

japan no longer makes or brakes a system.

predator3779d ago

out of all off what you send (oh and buy the way i could make my list a hell of a lot bigger) all of them but 2 have been milked, how many tekkens?, metel gear, resi, soul cal, dmc? and last but not least how many FF?

European and american devs take risks, create new IPs, japan just keep bringin out sequel after sequel

WilliamRLBaker3779d ago

and MGS , FF , Tekken , GT , Zelda , Mario , Shenmue , Resident Evil , Dragon Quest , Soul caliber , metroid prime , DMC , Okami , Shadow Of the colossus , Ico , etc... disagrees with your list

1.MGS hey This is a story bout this guy, whos a genetic clone, is all angsty and clint east woody and every thing makes sense up untill you get to the 2nd and 3rd game which pretty much make you insane when you try to understand any thing that happens. Oh and how many games have been based upon it? 4? the psp games...ect lol

2.Final Fantasy-Token good person, Token Bad Person, Token Item and or sword and or magic power neeeded to defeat bad person.

3.GT never had a story, and its gameplay has all ways sucked compared to other racers it was all ways an eye candy look at the car models I can build game.

4.Zelda.....Token bad guy token good guy.....HOW many times can you remake a game? because thats what all the games have been REMAKES of the original game nother new just new ways to interpret the story....every few years its remade with new graphics and thats IT.

5.Mario needs to be killed off hes had like 30 different games made about it, And the games are yet again JUST REMAKES new tellings of the same story in new graphical coating, I think with all the bullet bills, bobombs and mushrooms he's shoved up Bowsers ass bowser would give up by now...

6.Shenmue was cool it was an awesome game, the 2nd one sucked though because it wasn't what it should have been and not alot of people liked this game its a niche title.

7.Resident evil is cool up until Resident evil 2...3 sucked it told this story that really made no sense in why she'd be there and never once in 2 do they mention a missle strike landing on the for that half the city was destroyed by the lab did Jill survive that? The series got stale and stupid when they NEVER explained what the hell happend between 3-4 (RE4 is actually 5 if you count Code veronica) they ruined the story line it was supposed to be them fight umbrella but they never really continue to fight umbrella they end up fighting some French/spainish aristocrats...and their villagers. (i've read the books, and the Resident evil Chronicles, and I own every game in the gamecube version so i know what im talking bout I own RE4 in the wii version)

8.Dragon Quest-Token bad guy, Token good guy, Magic, OR sword or item needed to kill them, and Drawn by the DBZ guy....

9.There have been how many soul fighting games....6 now? when are they gonna kill the evil blades? I mean they've destroyed these things 4 or so times now....why do they keep comming back?

10.Metroid prime....We're just remakes! Every single one except the last 2 we're remakes of the same game and thats a fact, Miyamoto has no capability of creating new IDEAS he just makes a few ideas and remakes those with new graphics each couple of years.

11.DMC bad demon dude is really good dude, and token bad demon chicks are his enemies...

The rest are all good games ICO, shadow they we're good original IPs.

Bombomb3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

predator and v1c1ous!!!.

What I've been trying to say.

ry-guy3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Now, before you get into a hussy I disagree with your major critism of some of the japanese games.

Token X, Token Y, Token Z. So what? Every game ever created, when you look back at it, is easy to determine who the bad guy was, who the good guy was, and what was the succession of weapons you needed, or keys, or items of X.

Japense are not the only ones guilty of that. Oblivion, you were the Token Good Guy. No matter which way you cut it. The Token Bad Guy was the demon trying to invade (pretty easy to identify). You upgraded your weapon through out the game but you had to go on token adventures! (Closing those oblivion gates 230975023993742097 times). And finally you got a token finish (peace is restored! a new age!) and that was a western game.

A lot more goes into a game that what you are boiling it down to. That is like trying to give a game review and saying only "Yes or No" to purchasing it. You could get one person who says NO to Ratchet and Clank because he does not enjoy platformers and then you could get a YES because it is a great game for his 10 year-old-kid.

Anyways, my original point is this: It is not just about these 'token' elements you claim. You need atleast a strong story and strong gameplay. The rest is icing onto the cake. Mass Effect has proven that. It may not be the most bug-free game in the world but cripes it is a GREAT game. Some of those games being listed a tried and true games. They hold a place in people's hearts.

What the Silent Hill producer is saying is that Japanese developers are no longer the cream of the crop when it comes to creating new IPs and creating new storys and creating new ways of playing the same old game (Example: Halo going from FPS to RTS). Japanese have fallen behind, but your critism of WHY they have fallen behind is rubbish. If you said something like "They are not bringing out new IPs and they are just riding the same horse" then yes, I'd agree with you.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3779d ago

The hell are you talking about WilliamRLBaker... Did you forget Metroid Prime was helped made by Retro Studios which is in America? The rest of your list has weak reasons also.

tordavis3779d ago

"japan no longer makes or brakes a system."

Couldn't have said it better man! Bubbles for you!

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Rikitatsu3779d ago

that oblivion is a new IP and Halo is a new IP etc.... Okami and Shadow of the colossus is the proof that Japanese gaming is still suprior than Westerner one , as it appears that westerners only knows 2 genres : FPS + RTS <<< which is all best played on PC

v1c1ous3779d ago

I love Okami too, but don't use 2 games as end-all proof of superiority.

it's making you look like a japanophile who thinks anything japan = gold

Genuine3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

post deleted

ry-guy3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Two words: Mass Effect.

Also, buddy, please, let's move onto this generation please?

P.S. Oblivion is an RPG, might as well add that your list. Western companies can do FPS, RTS, and RPG!

Oh wait, how about racing!? Or! Or! Sports! No. The Madden franchise is not successful in any way.

ruiner44823779d ago

It's named The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is the 4th game in the series, hence not a new IP.

moses3778d ago

I have been a nintendo fan all my life, and played Jrpgs all my life until I decided to pick up a copy of Oblivion for my PC, and all I have to say is that Oblivion beats the living piss out of any Jrpg out there in Story depth, playability, and fun. Jrpgs are just grinding work, in Oblivion you level naturally as you explore the vast NON-LINEAR world around you.

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