Metal Gear Rising's Story - 3 Theories

After the reveal of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance at the VGAs, there has been a lot of mystery surrounding the story of the game. What possible directions could the story take? What’s up with Raiden’s bloodlust, and why is he on the battlefield again? Why is he taking revenge, as the title implies? Here are three theories based on what has been revealed so far.

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MrGunny941546d ago

Yeah indeed...Derbin will make a presence!!! I bet he will be the one who, that we gonna pay to upgrade money like in bayonetta but this time with Derbin..

Nyxus1546d ago

Yeah, I do think it will be something like that. Having upgradable moves and weapons is kind of a staple of the genre, and of Platinum Games.

Lex_Dangerously 1545d ago

Really? Derbin? Its Drebin. Lmfao

MrGunny941546d ago

Rising is gonna be my 2nd favorite franchise atfer MGS:Solid... :)

This has a GREAT oppurtunity :)

Nyxus1546d ago

I wonder if it indeed turns into a franchise, and if so, wether or not Platinum Games will keep making them. I guess it depends on the success of Revengeance.

BuffMordecai1546d ago

Knowing Platinum, the story will probably be a joke but the gameplay will be excellent.

Nyxus1546d ago

From what I understand, the story is being handled by Kojima Productions (not Kojima himself though).

D3mons0ul1546d ago

Platinum isn't doing it. KojiPro is in charge of story and cutscenes.

MrGunny941546d ago

Not really the writer from Kojima Productions is the one working into the story, PLATINIUM DOES NOTHING in terms of Story

D3mons0ul1546d ago

All of that sounds awesome.

SAE1546d ago

i prefer the gameplay of the first version T_T , i bet the new gameplay will be amazing but the first version was stunning !! it was something new and exciting ..