Releases in Japan, 12/17-12/23; Eye of Judgment cards production ended

Not all games are listed, only major titles. All these titles will be released on Thursday, 12/20.

• Wii - 'Powerful Baseball Wii Final Edition'

• DS - 'Final Fantasy IV DS', 'Dora Base'

• PS3 - 'Time Crisis 4'

• PS2 - 'Naruto: Shippuuden N-Ultimate Accelerator 2', 'Powerful Pro Baseball 14 Final Edition', 'Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri: Kakera Asobi', 'Myself, Yourself'

• PSP - 'The Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki Complete Edition'

• Xbox 360 - none

Lastly, the report notes that Sony has stopped the production of Eye of Judgment card packages in Japan.

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from the beach3811d ago

Aren't people just bootlegging them anyway?

v1c1ous3811d ago

it brought a new genre to consoles.

not to sound like an ass, but if it had gone to other systems or used a diff mechanism that DIDN'T have to involve buying a contraption like the camera, it could have maybe survived.

rukusa3811d ago

from what I know, the genre will still be alive. Its uncertain but apparently Lord of Vermillion is coming the PS3, and if I remember right, thats a card game.

titntin3811d ago

I think you are missing the whole point of the game. You obviously have not played it.
Suggesting that this badly translated piece of news means a product has failed, is bit of an assumption, and I wouldn't be at all suprised to learn that its a wrong assumption.

Whilst you would not expect such niche product to sell in anything like the numbers of, say ratchet or Drakes', the sales and reviews have been very positive and its a title that likely to have some 'legs' too. There seems to be plenty of buying and selling of cards on ebay to suggest there are plenty of people playing and enjoying it at least.
I got it as a way of getting the camera early - I video chat with mates who are a long distance away, and I prefer using the noise cancelling mic in online matches to using a blu tooth headset.I have actually been suprised by how enjoyable the game is to play and still play a match or two and expect to for a very long time. Stratagey games have a long shelf life in this household!:)

KidMakeshift3811d ago

I only have 70 of the 110 cards available

rukusa3811d ago

Not surprising though. The sales have been greatly underwhelming in Japan.

kspraydad3811d ago

Once again...pirates screw up a good thing...hopefully future card based games will use RFID and an RFID reader in the mat.

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The story is too old to be commented.