David Hayter Reveals His Favorite Metal Gear Title

Canadian-American actor, screenwriter and voice actor David Hayter has been voicing Snake for more than a decade but which Metal Gear title was his favorite?

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RedDead2301d ago

good taste mr.Hayter. 3 for me too

BiggCMan2301d ago

They are each fantastic in every way. Personally, I like to think of them all as one giant game, one giant story arc, because I don't have a favorite. To me, it is the perfect game (the whole series) and everything about it is amazing. I do however think that the octocamo suit in 4 is one of the most genius ideas I've ever seen in my life. If military ever comes up with something like that...dang.

piroh2301d ago

for me, MGS1
story, atmosphere, bosses, Otacon, Ocelot, Rex, endings, emotions, etc. the game was masterpiece, as well as the rest of MGS games

Kojima ftw

MaxXAttaxX2301d ago

He's said that MGS3 was his favorite a while ago. So it's not really much of a reveal.

Liquid_Ocelot2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Very well said BiggCMan, completely agree with you.

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moparful992301d ago

Personally 4 is my favorite.. Not because of the ps3 or some weird reason like that.. Guns of the patriots had some of the most jaw dropping moments i've ever experienced in a game.. Anyone who has played 4 knows what I'm talking about.. Shadow moses and of course outer haven.. Every single question I ever had about MGS was answered in the span of this game and for that it will hold a special place in my heart... 3 is a very very close second btw ;)

Takoulya2301d ago

Absolutely. Going back into Shadow Moses was simply humbling. So much nostalgia playing the original game.

moparful992301d ago

I remember when I entered shadow moses in MGS4 and had a flood of some of my fondest gaming memories.. It was a special feeling that not very many games help me achieve.. When the game ended I was sadened and overyjoyed at the same time.. Sadened by the fact that it was over, I didnt want that game to end. But I was happy because my biggest fear involving snake didnt happen... I'm sure you know what I mean, I dont want to spoil it for those who haven't played it...

Liquid_Ocelot2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I still get goosebumps, ahh when the music starts playing and all the flashbacks :')
Let's not forget the hall full of microwaves :'(

dc12300d ago

You all are going to make me play MGS4 again. ......I was holding out for the trophy patch.. silly me.

sikbeta2300d ago

The Song! The Song Man, when you put a foot in SM... when you get close to the hangar/facility and you see the old camera there, WOW! all that stuff was really unique...

Man In Black2300d ago

MGS4 was great, but I think the execution of a lot of ideas could've been better. Like the explanation for Vamp's invincibility, the identity of the Patriots, the whole of Act 3 sucking, etc. The start of Act 5 was amazing, pure classic MGS stealth. Shame it was so brief, though.

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blusoops2301d ago

Actually, call me crazy but...

My personal favorite is Peace Walker!
I feel a lot of people haven't played this :(
But for those of you getting a Vita, def check it out!

knowledge4lfe2301d ago

its really a tie between mgs4 and peace walker. especially being able to play PW in hd on my ps3. i love 2 and 3, but the view and controls just don't do it for me

PirateThom2301d ago

The Subsistence/HD version of 3 uses the same camera as Peace Walker...

ReservoirDog3162301d ago

Yup, MGS3 is the best of the series to me too (and my favorite overall game ever [see my bio]).

Imalwaysright2300d ago

MGS3 imo is BY FAR the best game ever. So good in fact that to me MGS4 was a huge disappointment... and MGS4 is on my top 3 best games of the current generation -_-

MsclMexican2300d ago

Yes... I also feel Snake eater was the best. Some people hated it, but i loved the survival aspect of the game.

My second is peace walker... by far the best PSP game I ever played

I can't wait to pick up the MGS collection on Vita... I lost my 3DS.... so when I buy a vita Im sure to pick one up

Imalwaysright2300d ago

"Some people hated it" Those people (whoever they are) are a waste of natural resources.

PirateThom2300d ago

I actually don't know anyone who hates MGS3... in fact, most people I know list it as their favourite...

MsclMexican2300d ago

@ PirateThom

Well at my school, Im the only one who says Snake eater is their favourite. Most favour MGS4 or the original MGS...

Snake eater is amoungst their last because they disliked the survival mechanics

Undeadwolfy2300d ago

Respectfully disagree, my favourite is MGS4 but I can appreciate different opinions. :)

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MrGunny942301d ago

Same for me, that's the reason i picked HD collection...time to spent a weekend going full Stealth 100%

MGRogue20172301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

If they ever decide to make a Metal Gear Solid movie.. they need to have this guy to portray as Solid Snake.

yesmynameissumo2301d ago

3 is my favorite over 4, god damn, 4 was epic.

kevnb2301d ago

3 is the best, but doesnt get credit most the time.

kevnb2300d ago

Ya really, people always talk about the other three solid games first.

Takoulya2300d ago

Majority of people usually say MGS3 is their favourite.

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