ASUS ROG gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s next-gen. GTX 670M GPU are on the way

Laptop Computer Planet :Asustek Computer Inc. makers of all things ASUS are readying their next generation Republic of Gamers laptop computers as I type and we’ve got an early peak at what the Taiwanese computer maker has in store for us all.

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PS4OUR2268d ago

Wow what a machine that will be.

reynod2268d ago

Ill wait until the next consoles, before buying my next laptop. I have a beastly PC at home, However i tend to travel alot. Hence having a laptop that can play the games is great and since games are now made with consoles in mind if the PC hardware is more powerful then a console then every game coming out will run great.

Anyways i currently have a laptop with a 5870M gpu, its about 1.5 years old now and it plays everything better then a console can. Once this gen is over and i know what GPU the consoles use, ill just get a laptop for my traveling needs that can top the next consoles and will be set for another generation.

kevnb2268d ago

Its not directly related to consoles. the most used card is a 8800/9800 variant still.

kevnb2268d ago

These gaming machines keep getting better! nothing quite like a gaming laptop.